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M.L. King Ally Says U.S. Holiday an Insult

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UPI, January 21, 2008


The Rev. Peter Johnson, 62, director of the Texas operations for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, told The Dallas Morning News the holiday should be April 4, the anniversary of the date the Baptist minister was assassinated.

“We have ignored the essence of his life and the horror of his death,” said Johnson. “We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.”


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(Posted on January 21, 2008)

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Escape the guilt?

The only worthy thing about MLK’s existence is this glorious Monday off of school.

Posted by Guillaume at 6:05 PM on January 21

Go to Google today and look at their logo. With all the news stories, “celebrations” people who get a vacation today, etc. it is hard to see how MLK could be more sanctified.

J. Edgar Hoover is a pansy who liked to wear women’s dresses, so the media has gleefully reported, but MLK is a saint whose peccadilloes must be kept under lock and key by the FBI for a few decades.

Posted by Tim in Indiana at 6:34 PM on January 21

I was JUST about to post something ‘appropriate’ for Michael King’s birthday because I REFUSE to watch TV or listen to radio, so I don’t have to watch/listen to self-hating, guilt ridden, leftist whites genuflect, grovel and engage in self-abasement every second. I also MAKE SURE I ALWAYS work on this ‘great’ day.

However, Nick Stix said everything I was going to say (and more):
Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

He did leave out one small point:
When are WE going to get our white holidays back, instead of the mealy-mouthed “President’s Day”?

Other than that, it’s a great summarization and I urge you to read it…

Posted by Mike B. at 6:35 PM on January 21

April 1 would be more fitting, 2 birds with one stone.

Posted by Bandmo at 6:47 PM on January 21

“We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.”

Collectively, we as white Americans are supposed to feel guilty about the assassination of this man?

I do regret the fact that he was assassinated. If nature could have taken it’s course Mr. King would only be remembered as the archetype of the modern day race hustler.

Posted by Timothy1968 at 7:09 PM on January 21

Glad to see the fine folks at AmRen hard at work on MLK Day — just like me.

Hey, somebody’s gotta git ‘er done, right?

Posted by Right-Wing Rocker at 7:12 PM on January 21

The consensus of opinion among blacks and liberal Whites is that James Earl Ray did not kill the communist plagiarist Michael King.

I have always though that Mr. King was killed by the government of Russia in an attempt to further destabilize a country that was flying apart because of black’s race riots, the vietnam war, the yuppie vs old time politicians rupture in the demorat party etc.

Think about it.

If the segregationists had wanted to kill him they would have done it in 1957 to preserve segregation. They would not have waited until Michael King had achieved his goals of the civil rights act of 1965, full voting rights, affirmative action, ethnic cleansing of Whites from the cities, and the explosion of black on White crime. Killing Michael King in 1967 was definitely locking the stable door after the horses were out.

I have always thought it was the Russians hoping to set off a real black and White liberal revolution leading to a communist puppet government controlled by Russia here in America.

The killing of Michael King followed the typical Russian provacatuer, stirring up of ethnic and class tensions etc that allowed them to conquer so many nations.

Posted by margaret at 7:15 PM on January 21

White America is not guilty of his assassination.

Posted by Cat Thomas at 7:16 PM on January 21

Unfortunately this day has truly become a horrific perennial reminder of the displacement of white Americans. How many of you had to sit through absurdities on the news, while watching a sporting event, or going about your daily business? What does the King Holiday mean to you? Can you openly declare what you feel in polite society? I think not. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. PHD has become the embodiment of everything virtuous in America and by contrast evil White people are the exemplar of evil.

On this day let us remember all the hate crimes committed against whites that go on unreported. Let us remember the lowering of white standards of living due to eternal affirmative action programs. King day puts a target on us as whites, that we are somehow “worse” than every other group of people-it took the great Dr. King to bravely put us on the right course. If he didn’t one shudders at the evil that whites would continue to commit.

Posted by S & GS at 7:26 PM on January 21

Please check out these websites as you celebrate the holiday:

Posted by S & GS at 7:29 PM on January 21

“We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination…”

Now I’m supposed to feel guilty for his assassination. Sorry, Rev. Johnson, but you’re not going to get any guilt from me.

These people are under the misconception that if they keep harping and whining that eventually they’re going to get their way. What they fail to understand is that after awhile, it just becomes background noise and it’s easy to tune out.

In a related vein, last week I was listening to black radio and the theme of the week from talk show hosts and callers was the complaint (and alleged conspiracy) that we didn’t celebrate King on his birthday. Apparently, the white man is trying to whitewash black history. Somehow, not celebrating King on his birthday is bad juju.

Apparently, the reason the black condition hasn’t improved since the King holiday began is because we don’t actually celebrate King on his birthday. That’s the cause of the ongoing failure to lift blacks out of their station in life. At least, that’s the claim being made.

Black always believe that doing something outside of themselves is going to solve their problems. Blacks lack introspection which is vital for healthy psychological growth.

Blacks believe that once they got their King holiday, everything would get better. When nothing got better, they had to find a reason and that reason is that we’re not celebrating the actually birthday.

As I said, bad juju.

Nothing you do for blacks will produce any long term solutions. Don’t waste your time.

Posted by sbuffalonative at 7:31 PM on January 21

We have ignored the essence of his life and the horror of his death,” said Johnson. “We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.”
Actually I heard that during many black MLK celebrations there is usually some violence. So I guess blacks are not in any kind of a Coma.Why should whites fell guilty about anything.Look how many more whites that have died at the hands of blacks thanks to the Civil Rights they were given thanks to MLK.

Posted by Tony Soprano. at 7:32 PM on January 21

Well, I will admit blacks, for them most part are in a coma. But I believe it to be a self induced coma. I deny having anything to do with it.

Tom Iron…

Posted by Tom Iron... at 7:37 PM on January 21

My neighbor just had a 8 lb white baby boy. Is he guilty too?

Posted by Tim at 7:57 PM on January 21

This is another example that the Black community will NEVER be satisfied with anything they gain. If the observance was changed to April 4, they would be demanding that we grant a week-long paid vacation, ridiculous. The victim mentality is so ingrained within their culture that it is all they know how to do…demand more, more and then more. They will never be able to assimilate into culture of the USA because it is inherently racist and they get what they ask for….seperatism!!

Posted by Average Joe at 8:02 PM on January 21

Hail MLK, jr., the new Jesus. I wonder if they will have MLK on the cross and say that he has risen again and that he had never actually died but instead wanders around the country anonymously seeing the progress of his dream. Also a black bunny will be bringing buckets of fried chicken as the King bunny instead of Easter eggs and candy.

Posted by SandyCSA at 8:47 PM on January 21

Uh, I don’t think white America is responsible for the asassination of King. This was the act of one man.

Posted by The Quadfather at 8:52 PM on January 21

I don’t think there is even a need for an MLK holiday. I raised my flag today to honor the birthday of firearms innovator John Moses Browning. His genius has probably saved more lives than any program or law that was fought for by MLK and his ilk.

Jan. 21, John Browning Day

Posted by gemalo at 8:57 PM on January 21

Lol….I actually think the US should place rather more emphasis on the life and death of MLK. His character and behavior remain largely unexplored by the vast majority of americans. His extremely close and troubling ties to communism. His plagiarism. Most importantly of all, his whoremongering and extreme physical violence against women. The night before his murder was spent engaging in depraved behavior and is caught on tape by the FBI (which had been investigating his communist ties).

I think MLK’s birthday should be used EVERY year to closely examine the life of this “great” man.

Posted by at 9:01 PM on January 21

I find the MLK holiday insulting for very different reasons.

I suppose now the answer is that we will have to celebrate St. MLK’s nativity and “cruxifiction.” The latter being suspiciously close to Easter, the former being close to Christmas.

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 9:06 PM on January 21

There is a really simple answer to this, give them a few days of the week! Monday could be “Martinday”, Tuesday becomes “Dannyday” (after his brother), Wednesday could be renamed Alberday (his mom), for Thursday we have “Willieday” (sister Willie Christine), Friday is now “Corettaday”, Saturday needs “Rosaday” (thrown in for good race relations) and Sunday, “Plaigiarday” (they’ll never figure it out). Look, this way every possible date in history is guaranteed to be covered correctly somewhere down the line and there shouldn’t be any complaints, oops..there I go dreaming again.

Posted by professor at 9:09 PM on January 21

They didn’t want MLK to be there.

City Appears At Loss for Answers
Saturday, March 30, 1968


He blamed poor planning by the Thursday march organizers for the incident that preliminary estimates show did about $400,000 worth of property damage.

“If the small group that broke away from the march had been anticipated by the march organizers, it could have been prevented. However, it (the riot) could have been worse if it had not been handled as well as it was by both sides.”

Some, like Thomas Faires, Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce president, deplored the violence but admitted frankly they did not know what to do to get the community together again.

Mr. Faires said it was “deplorable” that Martin Luther King Jr. chose to come to Memphis.

Posted by jewry at 9:22 PM on January 21

Even if we celebrate every happenin’ in this man’s life (birth, death, first tooth) it just wouldn’t matter, would it?
Whine, whine, whine.

Guilt for white America? I don’t feel anymore guilty for MLK than I do about slavery. I’ve never been afflicted with the white guilt gene for some reason.

Posted by kitty at 9:52 PM on January 21

“‘We have ignored the essence of his life and the horror of his death,’ said Johnson.

‘We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.’”

Comrade Johnson, the fork in your tongue is showing!

Is not today, one of racial conciliation, one of racial healing?

Just what was the “dream?”

A white “guilt trip” that lead to a coma called “civil rights?”

As always, God help us all!

Posted by John PM at 10:07 PM on January 21

This is called waving the bloody shirt.

Posted by Felix at 10:10 PM on January 21

Lets make the date of the murder of Channon and Newsome in Knoxville a national holiday. To take the quote above and paraphrasing it:

“We’ve ignored the essence of their lives and the horrors of their deaths. We’ve allowed Black America to escape the guilt of their murders and we’ve allowed White America to drift back into a coma”.

Posted by Felix at 10:18 PM on January 21

I don’t feel any guilt for his assasination, and I seriously doubt most other Americans do. We just work hard and try to live.

Posted by Bobby at 10:27 PM on January 21

Johnson’s right about one thing. We HAVE ignored the “essence” of Martin Luther King’s life. For example, nobody ever talks about his plagiarism, communist associations, support for racial quotas and pugilistic habits with white prostitutes. In other words, nobody talks about his real life.

King has been transformed into an icon — a kind of chalice for liberal delusions. The contents of his real life have been poured out and refilled with vapid rhetoric about struggle and multiculturalism, usually delivered with lots of Old Testament references by some of the phoniest race hustlers and politicians in the country. In my opinion, MLK Day is a form of mental pollution and I would pay good money to see it abolished, just to clear out all the hot air that spews from the pulpits every year.

As for the tone and content of this hot air, consider Johnson’s statement that we should honor the memory of King by doing something about “the people who live under bridges.” MLK Day attracts this kind of rhetoric like manure draws flies — a classic example of the way liberals have turned Christianity into a social gospel designed to badger and browbeat us until we reach for our wallets just to get some relief. Personally, I could care less about “people who live under bridges.” I’m mostly concerned about not joining them myself. But if Johnson is so concerned about helping them, what’s stopping him? He acts like there aren’t thousands of homeless programs already in existence, but there’s no reason to go on about this. None of it matters because MLK Day, in the final analysis, doesn’t have anything to do with good works or peace or feeding the hungry. It’s all about white guilt.

Johnson gives the game away when he says that “…we’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of the assassination.” That’s what MLK Day boils down to, doesn’t it? White guilt. Never-ending white guilt. For race hustlers like Johnson, MLK Day is just another opportunity to bash whitey and extort more money for various social programs and perhaps a higher salary for Johnson himself. It’s hard to believe that he actually takes his own rhetoric seriously, but if he does, then he clearly believes in the concept of racial guilt. One white man shoots Martin Luther King. Therefore, all whites are guilty. By this same logic, Johnson would share the guilt for the Wichita Massacre, the Christian/Newsome murders and all the other vicious crimes committed by blacks against whites every day, but it doesn’t work that way in our multicultural paradise. Racial guilt is a one-way street marked “Whites Only.” Everybody else gets a free ride.

Personally, I feel no guilt whatsoever because Martin Luther King was assassinated. I woke up years ago and shook off all this indoctrination. I don’t think he was a Great Man. I don’t believe in “equality” or multiculturalism. I don’t feel guilty about slavery or Jim Crow, and I don’t believe in integration. I don’t think there should be a national memorial for King in Washington, though I guess it’s no worse than putting up a statue to the tyrant Lincoln and it seems like a fittingly surreal comment on the state of our disintegrating country. Cynical as I’ve become, it still seems hard to believe that the majority of whites in America are so gullible and stupid that they would actually clamor for a holiday whose sole purpose is to attack them, but maybe I’m over-estimating how much support there is for King. It doesn’t seem that way, though. My impression is that the majority think he’s a saint. I know my family does. In my opinion, this sorry state of our race is the result of Christian universalism combined with the long period of prosperity following the Second World War. It’s proving to be a fatal combination.

Posted by Spengler at 10:30 PM on January 21

a compromise solution to appease this very unhappy embittered blackman would be to have 2 holy days to honor st.martin: one for his birthdate and i can see little baby martins in cribs ala the baby jesus. and the second day giving honor to the martyred st.martin and allowing blacks to riot in mourning celebration.

by the way assuming this comment is published let me add my grief over having had something like 10 long thought out comments censored over time by whoever it is that censors the amren comment section. i have been an avid reader of amren for about 2 years and i have noticed my censored comments were original and would have added rich content. for the life of me i cannot understand what the censor criteria is, i never use any invective hate oriented wording of any kind. i only wish i had the state of mind to save the posts for myself as i see i am quite original from most commenters here.

Posted by mrJAXX at 10:36 PM on January 21

Arkansas actually has the best arrangement by recognizing Martin Luther King’s and Robert Edward Lee’s birthday on the same holiday. MLK’s birthday is actually January 15th. REL’s birthday is January 19th. That gives everyone a choice.

On Presidents Day, everyone has a choice of Lincoln’s birthday (Feb 12) or Washington’s birthday (Feb 22). Hmmmm….seems like the Virginians will get all the white Southern vote.

Posted by Memphomaniac at 10:45 PM on January 21

“We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.”

Funny, I’ve never seen a Black ever talk about the GUILT of THEIR PEOPLE in attacking Asians minding their own business.

“Guilt,” it must be like a magic spell that Blacks cast on everyone else…

Posted by at 10:49 PM on January 21

Rev. Peter Johnson is right that the holiday is an insult but certainly not for the reason he offers.

Politicians have practically canonized MLK while ignoring the birthday of George Washington. Other that “Presidents’ Day” car sales, do we even pay attention to our Founding Father any more?

This article is just more ignorant drivel from the white-baiting Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Posted by Janelle at 11:07 PM on January 21

The “Reverend” Peter Johnson, who was the youngest member of the “Reverend” Martin Luther King’s staff, makes the racist comment; “We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.”
Superman’s rebuttal:
1) Isn’t “assassination” a term most properly used in reference to a president, Royalty, or head of state, and certainly not a plagiarising rabble-rouser?
2)”White America didn’t pull the trigger, so can have no “guilt”.
3) No Nigerian has the power to “allow” me to do ANYTHING.
4) Black America, to my knowledge, has never been out of the coma.
So what’s your frickin’ point?

Posted by Superman at 11:43 PM on January 21

“We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? White America, if anything, is wallowing in guilt, Comrade Johnson.

Why on earth should a plagiarist, womanizer, AND communist sympathiser like King be idolized even MORE??

Posted by Old Victorian at 12:16 AM on January 22

Fret not my friends, the long road to freedom of whites from rapine and pillage is nearing its logical end.I point to history…..1865 slaves freed, slaves elected to congress, slaves and their liberal northern allies impliment reconstruction and political corruption tilted in their favor, 40-45 years later 1907-1910 whites restore order and obedience to law through sheer determination and might… forward to 1965 civil rights and blacks gain great political power and corrupt our civil rights…fast forward to 2008….(history shows our endless patience runs maybe 40 years in these matters)

Posted by Virgil Tibbs at 12:27 AM on January 22

“We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.” So says “reverend” Peter Johnson in his whining diatribe.

Uh, “reverend”, we whites aren’t tribally minded like blacks. We’re not allowed to be. Look at the heat Jared Taylor gets just breathing.

Blacks think in the collective, and individual effort and achievement are condemned if one of their numbers thinks differently.

Consider, “reverend”: Do blacks feel a collective guilt at the fact that such a small number of one race, about 5% (black males between the ages of 14 and 35) commit over half of all violent crime in the country?

Do blacks feel a collective guilt that in spite of TRILLIONS of tax dollars spent in the past 40 years for preferences, handouts, free rides and set asides, blacks, tremedously more than any other race, is still in custodial care of the government — by choice?

How about this, “reverend”, in regard to collective guilt; you first.

Posted by Proactive at 12:56 AM on January 22

Every politican who voted in favor of this holiday had full access to the files on MLK, they were aware of his propensity for violent sex w/prostitutes, connections to numerous communists groups, inappropriate use of donated funds, and the list goes on, the only plausible explanation for voting this into law was to prevent more race riots. BTW, it was MLK’s wife who secured a court order to have the files sealed.

Posted by abc at 5:49 AM on January 22

Thank you Rev. Peter Johnson, now I know why I don’t feel guilty about Dr. King’s assassination .

Now please explain to me why Blacks don’t feel guilty about the assassination of Malcolm X. He doesn’t have a holiday, does he?

The worse thing that could have happened to America was King’s assassination. If he would have lived longer he would have been exposed for what he really was and totally discredited.

Posted by Drifter at 6:14 AM on January 22

As a WHITE American, why on earth should I feel even token guilt. I didn’t kill him. Same as feeling any tinge of guilt over slavery. Something else I had nothing to do with.

Does the average Black feel guilt over the fact his/her people are the most crime-prone race on this planet? Does the average Black feel guilt over the “poor me, I’m a victim” mentality that keeps so many Blacks wallowing in self-inflicted misery? Does the average Black feel guilt because so many of his/her peers would a hundred times rather demand and live off welfare, than getting off their rear ends and actually WORKING for a living?

Posted by Fed Up at 8:28 AM on January 22

Was there anything about this person that was real? It wasn’t his name. It wasn’t what he proclaimed for morals and the way he truly lived. Is there anything about him that was real? HE HAD A DREAM … That is the blacks problem, too much dreaming too little working toward it.

Posted by T-Rexx at 11:08 AM on January 22

The insult is the propensity of his followers to have children without the stability of marriage, to waste time in school and blame their failure on Whitey, the free pass to under-achieve given by affirmative action and race-based preferences, the inordinate amount of crime committed, the whining and moaning about racism while ignoring the real source of their problems.

Posted by "Sharia-compliant" at 12:43 PM on January 22

Curiously, since I did not personally shoot King, I feel absolutely no guilt over his death. I was two at the time, and my major preoccupation then was my teddy bear and not racial politics.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 1:29 PM on January 22

Think about it:

MLK has one national holiday all to himself.

All Presidents combine (Washington, Lincoln, FRD etc.) have one national holiday.

I think that is absolutely obscene.

Posted by Dennis at 2:58 PM on January 22

The Rev. Peter Johnson, 62, director of the Texas operations for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, told The Dallas Morning News the holiday should be April 4, the anniversary of the date the Baptist minister was assassinated.

“We have ignored the essence of his life and the horror of his death,” said Johnson. “We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination and we’ve allowed black America to drift back into a coma.”

The essence of his wicked life was being an agent for evil. As a White American, and a real American, I will not be subjected to the doctrines of this black fascist minister Johnson.
You and your associates set this vulture King upon this nation you viper Johnson. A holiday for this Sorceror of Satan should be the 12th of Never.

Posted by at 4:29 PM on January 22

Rev. Peter Johnson PLEASE go back to Africa. If you feel so oppressed here, GO HOME.

Posted by Ronduck at 5:46 PM on January 22

First Generation American here — no GUILT! None. I always wondered why any culture would glorify someone with his bad, bad habits: Plaigarism, tom-cattin’, and pinko-sympin’.
MY daddy would have taken me to task for any one of these, let alone all three.

Kiss my glorious Lithuanian you-know-what. Please.

Posted by at 6:15 PM on January 22

Lol! All of white America is guilty for something one white guy did 45 years ago. I couldn’t script their rhetoric any better myself.

One could argue that the assassin did blacks a favor, and whites a disservice: King was no moral (or even political) paragon, and a mockery of even the silly “reverend” title; martyrs are easy to idealize, and black leaders seem particularly prone to corruption; King would probably have wound up like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton; whites get to hear about their “guilt” in the assassination from liberals.

Posted by Svigor at 6:39 PM on January 22

Make that 40, it was JFK died in 63, not MLK.

Posted by Svigor at 6:41 PM on January 22

…….”The killing of Michael King followed the typical Russian provacatuer, stirring up of ethnic and class tensions etc that allowed them to conquer so many nations.”

Posted by margaret at 7:15 PM on January 21

Love you Margaret. However, I feel the need to point out that just because we can imagine it doesn’t give it any wings. Some evidence is necessary. Socialist Europeans - especially Eastern Europeans (including Russians) love anti-Western conspiracy theories that are only imagined into “fact.” So they live in a paranoid fantasy world, but more importantly, miss the real game. We need not be the counterpart of that.

On the other issue, perhaps we ought to celebrate MLK’s Day of Death rather than his birth. Makes more sense to me, and April is a better day for a barbecue.

Posted by Whiteplight at 6:41 PM on January 22

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Not celebrate it and you’re a racist; do celebrate it and you’re condescending, patronizing or trying to assuage the collective guilt of the white race.

It’s insulting enough that this morally-challenged character has his own national holiday, making him implicitly equal in importance to every president this nation has ever had. Now we apparently don’t remember him properly.

Saturday was Robert E. Lee’s birthday. I spent the evening reading my child a book about this outstanding son of Virginia, who was a credit not only to his home state but embodied the true spirit and values of the generation that founded our republic.

Posted by Uniculturalist at 7:16 PM on January 22

I don’t know If AmRen readers are aware of it or not, but the Friday before MLK Monday is JER Day, James Earl Ray Friday. I declared this a national legal holiday one year after my counterparts in the Federal government did the same for MLK. JER is an America whose name and life arouses intense passions as no other figure in America does, save one, MLK himself.

Some Americans claim that JER did gun down a great man, other that he only shot a scoundrel, still others that he was in no way involved. This uncertainty by historians adds an air of mystery to the character of JER that many feel propels him in stature above that of the mundane MLK who lowered himself by hanging out his dirty underwear for all to see.

What makes JER Day so delightful is it gives the working man, no matter what his race, a four day weekend.

Posted by P Noctura at 7:38 PM on January 22

He says that guilt transfers through race.

Good. Then everything must transfer through race.

How about pride? Shouldn’t whites feel pride for something, such as medical miracles that save black lives?

If the bad debits transfer to us, then the good credits do as well.

Start counting.

And since the white man’s race debits follow him for generations into infinity, then that means that the nature of race debits is to follow the race forever.

Are blacks so innocnent that they have no debits? How about black youth killing black youth for drugs and bling bling? That racial debit to their own kind follows them forever. How about black African chiefs selling conquered tribes into slavery during the Slave Trade? That racial debit follows them forever.

We are all finally EQUAL in the inescapablity of our racial debits.

Posted by nauthtywhitey at 9:06 PM on January 22

Everytime I get a new calendar I black-out mlk’s birthday. I don’t want to be reminded of how weak Whites, were when they gave that big-mouthed black a holiday and turned him into some sort of Deity to the blacks. We all know he was nothing of the sort. He was a womanizing, big-mouthed trouble-maker!!

Posted by lydia at 10:25 PM on January 22

“We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination …”

So ALL whites of ALL TIME are “guilty” for MLK’s assassination!? So is HE OK if we now feel comfortable blaming ALL blacks each day there is YET ANOTHER black on non-black atrocity? Especially considering that interracial violence is almost ENTIRELY black on non-black (to the tune of over 1 million white victims of black violence EACH YEAR, 12 times the reverse).

So now I feel comfortable blaming ALL BLACKS for these latest black racial atrocities:
Like the black male kidnapping, murder and cannibalism of a white female in Whitehouse TX (near Tyler).
Like the 5 white people in a week’s period recently beaten by racist black gangs on Baltimore Metro buses the past month for no other reason than their being white and daring to use the public transportation system.
Or how about this: An absolutely HORRIFIC black on Hispanic HATE crime that JUST happened last month (December) in Lake Wales FL, near Orlando: A black male by the name of Leon Davis kidnapped two Hispanic females strangers, Juanita Luciano and Ivonne Bustamante (six months pregnant), locked them in a room, doused them down with a flammable liquid AND BURNED THEM ALIVE!!! This black male, Leon Davis, has been responsible for a LONG STRING of attacks and robberies upon Hispanics in the area. A week earlier he murdered two Asian Indians working at a gas station in Lake Alfred FL.

Posted by at 11:04 PM on January 22

>>>Saturday was Robert E. Lee’s birthday. I spent the evening reading my child a book about this outstanding son of Virginia, who was a credit not only to his home state but embodied the true spirit and values of the generation that founded our republic.

Martin Luther King woud not be FIT TO POLISH the boots of Robert E. Lee. Let’s see: MLK was a womanizer, a whoremonger, misused funds from his church (on whores), was a plagiarist… the list goes on. Sadly that same lack of moral character can be ascribed to MOST Black activists and leaders. Nor meaning to overlook Black government officials (crooks) — Rep. Jefferson to name just ONE!

Posted by Fed Up at 1:51 PM on January 23

What guilt? I was supposed to feel guilty? I missed that part.

Posted by at 5:01 PM on January 23

“We have ignored the essence of his life and the horror of his death,” said Johnson. “We’ve allowed white America to escape the guilt of his assassination…
— — — - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I’m sick of the assigning of mass racial guilt, as a pretext for further extortion under the guise of reparations, social justice, etc.

I am guilty of nothing except what I personally do. I did not murder anybody. But if I am guilty for King’s death, then is “Dr.” Johnson also to be held guilty for all of the black-committed crimes against whites? That seems fair enough.

Furthermore, “Dr.” Johnson, who are you to “allow” me get away with any thing? Since when does white America answer to you, you hate-filled bigot?

Posted by browser at 5:05 PM on January 23

MLK is an insult to decent people everywhere and I for one don’t want any holiday dedicated to womanizing, deceptive, and hypocritical black male.

Posted by at 6:59 PM on January 23

MLK b’day holidy is just a prelude to “black” history month.

My radio station is running the “great black inventors” promo regularly now. The blood bank. The traffic light. The clothes dryer. What was that site again? black invention myths? Can’t wait until March.

Posted by at 10:01 PM on January 25

Marking only his birth allows “white America to escape the guilt of his assassination.”

Wow… that guy is crazy. I don’t know one figure in white history or culture whose death was ever commemorated. Even Jesus Christs birth and resurrection is commemorated, but not his death… the guy who made that statement is crazy.

America is strange, in the sense that intelligent white men are shouted down, and obviously insane black men are given a microphone or a podium.

There’s a lot of mileage in white guilt apparently.

Personally I think it’s disgraceful the way white youth are made to feel guilty for something done by a small number of whites (and blacks) to another group of blacks, hundreds of years ago. It’s ridiculous.

To blame black failure on white racism is just ludicrous.

Posted by Citizen at 3:45 PM on January 27

“My radio station is running the “great black inventors” promo regularly now. The blood bank. The traffic light. The clothes dryer. What was that site again? black invention myths?”
Posted by at 10:01 PM on January 25

The site is:

Perhaps you could send it to your station.
The corporation uses its funds each year to print flyers and posters with this same list of lies.

Posted by at 10:29 PM on January 27

To Browser:

Look who’s talking. If it isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!

Posted by Lamont at 1:04 AM on January 29

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