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Murray Weiss, Hasani Gittens, and Erika Martinez, New York Post, January 31, 2008


Detective Wayne Taylor was picked up Tuesday with his gal-pal madam in Jamaica, Queens, as they drove a 17-year-old girl to a hotel for a strip party and sex with several men, cops said.

The tip that led to their arrests came from a 13-year-old Bedford-Stuyvesant runaway who had also been pressed into service by Taylor and from another, unidentified pimp, according to authorities.

After returning home a few days ago, the Brooklyn girl told her parents, and then cops, that on Jan. 10, she met a pimp named “Drama” who got her into the business of dancing for money at parties, Queens DA Richard Brown said.

Drama took the girl to a madam named “Mommy Z,” who “bought” the teen for $500, she told cops. Mommy Z turned out to be Taylor’s girlfriend, Zelika Brown, 28, officials said.

Taylor, 35, a cop since 1994, and Brown, began bringing her to strip and bachelor parties, and the officer told her to say she was 19 if anyone asked, the DA said. Prices at the sordid soirees ran from $40 for oral sex to $80 for intercourse.

Brown, who has a tattoo on her back that reads “Wayne,” allegedly told police she was running the prostitution business and Taylor would “watch out” for her while her girls were working. Taylor told cops that Brown just ran an “exotic dance” business.


Sources said Taylor, on modified assignment at the Housing Bureau for misusing an NYPD vehicle, had long been a target of Internal Affairs, which was probing allegations he was involved in drug activity.


Taylor and Brown are charged with promoting prostitution, endangering the welfare of a child, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment. They were held last night in lieu of $250,000 bail each. Lawyers for both denied the charges.



Detective Taylor.

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(Posted on January 31, 2008)

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This expected behavior of Black cops. The COP’s father, another COP was videoed shoving and pushing reporters to the sidewalk and stepping on them. Some were injured. But remember this is a custom in the Black Community and nothing personal is intended.

Posted by the Soviet Republic of New Jersey State at 6:26 PM on January 31

Mr. Taylor, appropriately enough, was part of the NYPD division that patrols the city’s housing projects.

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 6:26 PM on January 31

While law-enforcement brass is faithfully looking to ferret-out “Hate” and all that around every corner, this is what is going on right inder their collective noses. There will not be a single AR reader surprised to hear any of this.

Posted by HH at 6:51 PM on January 31

And to think that these are the people New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg feels New Yorkers should entrust their safety and lives to. So much so, that NYC has some of the most draconian gun laws on the books.

Posted by Soprano Fan at 7:33 PM on January 31

There goes that white racism again. A black man just can’t get ahead with all this white racism. My my my.

Posted by LOGIC at 8:58 PM on January 31

And in Kansas City MO the mayor is asking if ex-cons can be allowed to join the police force to increase the number of black police officers.

Posted by at 9:48 PM on January 31

The smile of a pervert if I ever saw one…one day we shall see this pervert on that show..dateline or whatever…you know the one where perverts show up thinking they will be having sex with a kid….he looks the part!!

Posted by lydia at 9:57 PM on January 31

Every time I see an article such as this, it sickens me! The lowering of standards in order to diversify departments across this nation has soiled the reputation of a once noble and honorable profession. Who can forget the sight of the New Orleans officers pushing shopping carts down the aisles of the local Walmart during Katrina? How about the video of the California law enforcement officer that shot the military veteran? Now we have the pimping out of underage girls? Shame on them all, and shame on law enforcement agencies that willingly drop hiring standards to the point that they would allow such individuals to carry a badge for the sole purpose of meeting a racial quota.
Giving someone a badge and the responsibilty that goes along with it should NEVER be taken so lightly. This person MUST have impeccable credentials, including (but not limited to) a solid moral foundation, honor, valor, compassion, and intelligence. If you are chosen to wear that badge, you must continue to meet these standards, and citizens are justified in expecting nothing less of their officers. Instead, the pandering to racial pressure groups has now come full circle, and these are the disgusting results of those policies. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder!

Posted by Cop at 10:08 PM on January 31

I thought making detective was merit-based and the vetting process strict. This guy makes me question the institution.

Posted by at 10:26 PM on January 31

Anonymous wrote:

And in Kansas City MO the mayor is asking if ex-cons can be allowed to join the police force to increase the number of black police officers.

I saw that story too (gleefully laughing at Kansas City from the other side of the state, as St. Louisans tend to do, becuase KCians give us a lot to laugh about). But I don’t think his proposal is straight up.

Here’s why I think this — politicians pull bait and switch games all the time. They’ll propose something outlandish, and something they know is outlandish. Eventually, they and their opposition will bargain the proposal down from outlandish to just plain stupid (which was what they wanted all along), and that’s what becomes law.

If politician would have proposed the stupid idea to begin with, it would have been laughed out of town. The running joke in the late 1990s was that if President Clinton would want to implode the Capitol, the Republicans in Congress would have issued an alternative to phase it in over five years.

Mark Funkhouser, as a mayor of a major American city, cannot possibly be ignorant of the fact that felons can’t possess guns.

Therefore, I think his felons-as-cops idea is the “outlandish” end of this bait-and-switch. Question is, what does he *really* want? What is the “just stupid” proposal equivalent here that felons-as-cops is running interference for Bandit-cum-Cletus like? I’m betting a two-tiered testing system for whites and non-whites (KC has a significant Hispanic population).

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 11:08 PM on January 31

“A pimp named “Drama�? took the girl to a madam named “Mommy Z,�? who “bought�? the teen for $500, she told cops. Mommy Z turned out to be Taylor’s girlfriend, Zelika Brown…”


“Mommy Z.”


Those names pretty much say it all, don’t they?

This is why I have the utmost respect for the good policemen — like AR’s poster “Cop.” Anybody who can go out there every day and deal with people named Drama and Mommy Z, is a better man than I.

Posted by The Incredible Shrinking White Man at 11:46 PM on January 31

No doubt this case will soon show up as a story “ripped from the headlines” on NBC’s “Law and Order”. With a white cop/pimp, and underage mexican girls, of course.

Posted by CSInAL at 12:33 AM on February 1

That’s what happens when a town hires cops based on their race and not their qualifications.
BTW, this will NOT be all over the national press. The media feels that it needs to protect blacks from criticism, after all they can’t help what they do.

Posted by at 5:28 AM on February 1

He’s been on the force for fourteen years! He must have joined at twenty-one. I wonder what he’s been up to all this time. And his father’s a cop too!

I have to wonder also what this fine, upstanding young man did in order to get promoted to detective. There’s a variety of different kinds of “detectives”, some of them purely honorary as a device for giving a raise to a person who couldn’t earn a promotion otherwise. I wonder what kind of “detective” he is and what kind of pull he had. And with whom.

Posted by beenthere at 5:51 AM on February 1

What kind of harm has this guy done in the last 13 years as a policemen.

Posted by Vidar at 7:37 AM on February 1

“Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder!”

And a very dangerous one at that!

True story:

I can remember back in the 70’s when the notorious Mayor of Detroit, Coleman Young, eliminated the disqualification of felony convicts from being hired onto the Detroit police force. His reasoning? He said: “What better qualification can a cop have? A felon knows how other felons’ think, so that makes them exceptionally qualified to carry out the police duties of catching criminals.”

Talk about lowering standards to get blacks on the force!

Well since then, as you can imagine, the police force has been riddled with scandal after scandal. We had an incident last summer where a black cop forced a young couple, at the point of his gun, at Chandler Park (on Detroit’s east side), to perform sex acts in front of him. I can’t tell how many times Detroit cops get caught drunk driving, stealing drugs and money from the evedence rooms, brought of on charges of domestic abuse; not to mention the problem of cops working in concert with drug dealers. WHAT A FREAKIN MESS THEY CREATED!!!

Posted by at 8:28 AM on February 1

There is a “blackout” of this in tv media, but internet news is all over this story. In St. Louis I tried to catch the story about three car thieves who died in a horrific head-on, and all the tv news is traffic/weather/politics. Anyone watching tv news is certainly out of the loop. Thank God for this site.

Posted by Lars at 12:42 PM on February 1

Lars wrote:

n St. Louis I tried to catch the story about three car thieves who died in a horrific head-on, and all the tv news is traffic/weather/politics.

One of the three thieves is white, and the other two probably are:

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 6:25 PM on February 1

The COPs father is also a COP. On Philadelphia Channel 6 TV news, father and son were shown coming out of the police station. The father roughed up and pushed to the ground the news reporters and camera person. It was an ugly scene and the father was not arrested for assault in front of the police station. The black city of Philadelphia is another Detroit Black sanctuary city. Stay a way.

Posted by the Soviet Republic of New Jersey at 8:35 PM on February 1

Black probation officers, juvenile hall counselors and group home operators are notorious for pimping the teen age girls under their care. It has been going on for 40 years, every since the affirmative action attorneys and Judges created the no Whites need apply laws.

This guy just got caught.

Posted by at 3:46 PM on February 2

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