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Police: Teen Gang Ran Prostitution Ring

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Angela K. Brown, AP, January 16, 2008

Several teenage gang members have been arrested on suspicion of forcing girls as young as 12 into a prostitution ring, police said Tuesday.

After befriending the girls and getting them high, Varrio Central gang members took them to some regular customers and then sought other men by trolling apartment complexes, offering the girls’ services for $50, Fort Worth police Lt. Ken Dean said.

The gang apparently targeted runaways and other girls with unstable homes, and if the girls refused to have sex for money the members beat and sexually assaulted them and threatened their families, Dean said.


Detectives found five victims, ages 12 to 16, but believe there may be more. Those girls are back with relatives or in other safe places, he said, declining to elaborate.

A 15-year-old girl who may be a gang member helped the group by going to the victims’ houses to pick them up under the pretense of going shopping or to a movie, which fooled the parents, said Lt. Dan Draper.

Four alleged gang members were arrested Jan. 3 after they took a 14-year-old to a convenience store to have sex with the owner, a regular customer of the prostitution ring, police said.

Diego Rodriguez, 19, and Martin Reyes, 17, were charged with counts including engaging in organized criminal activity, aggravated kidnapping and trafficking of a person. Rodriguez, held on $170,000 bond, did not have an attorney, and a lawyer for Reyes, held on $150,000 bond, could not be immediately reached for comment Tuesday.

The cases of two boys, ages 15 and 16, and the 15-year-old girl accused of helping the gang are being handled in the juvenile system. Police expect more arrests as the investigation continues, Dean said.

The convenience store owner, Chang Hyeong Lee, 56, was charged with aggravated kidnapping, engaging in organized criminal activity and prostitution. He remained jailed Tuesday with bail set at $300,000. His attorney could not immediately be reached.


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(Posted on January 16, 2008)

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Maybe we should follow China’s example:
*Bullet to the head, the family having to pay for the bullet*?

To be honest, it’s too quick a death for these perverts, but it would be cheaper than holding them in prison for X amount of years…

Posted by Obscuratus at 5:17 PM on January 16

I wonder how many of these runaways were young white girls.

Posted by RJS at 5:23 PM on January 16

“A 15-year-old girl, who may be a gang member, helped the group by going to the victims’ houses to pick them up under the pretense of going shopping or to a movie, which fooled the parents”, said Lt. Dan Draper.

Are the parents so dense thay they think a thuggish non-white gang member really has such so innocent intentions towards their precious daughter?

Posted by Stuck in No Mans Land at 6:00 PM on January 16

The tone of this MSM article is that it’s a shocking thing that “teens” run a prostitution gang. It doesn’t surprise me, because since there are a lot of “teens” in street gangs, and prostitution is a staple of those gangs, ipso facto…

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 6:24 PM on January 16

Don’r worry. This is nothing but a different culture following its own customs and beliefs. Another benefit of multi-cultural diversity, I guess.

Face it friends. The MORE IMMIGRANTS we take in (legally OR illegally), the more crime and social problems of every conveivable kind will surface and in greater and greater numbers.

Just wait till we take another half million or so AFRICANS… you know, those eagerly expected refugees from the problems in Keyna, in Darfur. Those hordes of Somalis and Burrundis. The sub-teen prostitution ring will look like kid stuff when the Africans get going.

Posted by Fed Up at 6:57 PM on January 16

Wherever you go, you will find non-whites commiting the most horrific crimes. In Germany, non-whites beat a 74 year old man almost to death because he asked them to stop smoking on the train:

Posted by at 7:52 PM on January 16

As creepy as some white teens can be, they don’t do stuff like like. These newcomers are simply pathological, there’s no other explaination.

Posted by at 8:42 PM on January 16

“Family values don’t stop at the Rio Bravo” — Jorge Bush

Posted by Underdog at 9:11 PM on January 16

Unlike black criminals who regularly prey on non-blacks, Hispanic criminals, like Asian and non-Hispanic white criminals, prey almost only on members of their own community.

Posted by at 10:10 PM on January 16

I wonder if these teen gang members are illegals! Look what they are doing to this country. When are we going to get that border fence built and have our candidates forced to tell us what they are going to do about this pervasive problem? Our country is in the toilet, but if it was my 12 year old child that this happened to, I would think about seeking vigilante justice, because otherwise these gang members would be set free because they are minors, and no justice for the raped and exploited children whose lives are ruined!

Posted by Jan at 7:03 AM on January 17

“I wonder how many of these runaways were young white girls.”

They probably felt that if they didn’t go along with what these boys suggested they would be ‘racist’. The boys probably felt, if they didn’t go along, they weren’t real-men.

I love liberals

Posted by at 10:10 AM on January 17

I am not as hung about the color of a person’s skin as I am about the social values they live by. With the multicultural movement dominating the discourse in our schools (which includes elementary, high school and colleges) non-Europeans never have the values that Europeans live by taught to them or if they have exposure to European ideals they believe those ideals are just one of many, equal to all the rest. Well, the ideals that were created during the Enlightenment are not just equal to other ideals, they are superior. They were of course developed by white people so our county’s educrats and liberals believe they are bad ideals. They’re not, of course, but the outcome is that immigrants and non-Europeans are given the chance to reject the high ideals of the Enlightenment (i.e. individual freedom coupled with individual responsibility) and allowed to blame all of their behaviors on collective ideas such as institutional racism. Enough already. John Locke, Adam Smith, and Edmund Burke had great ideas that this country should follow. Even if they were white.

Posted by at 7:38 PM on January 17

“I wonder how many of these runaways were young white girls.”

Almost certainly none of them were. Do you really think 12 year white girls live inner city neighborhoods like “Vario Central?” This is the kind of thing that only happends in places where the white people are all gone.

Posted by Joe at 8:51 PM on January 18

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