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Three Pigs Story Ruled ‘Offensive to Muslims’

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Alexandra Frean, London Times, January 24, 2008

A children’s story based on the tale of the Three Little Pigs was rejected for an award after judges became concerned that it would offend Muslims.

The animated virtual book for primary school children, The Three Little Cowboy Builders, was also criticised for its potential to offend builders.

The row centred on the Bett awards, which were supported by Becta, the Government’s technology agency for schools. The judges’ remarks, reported on the education technology website Merlin John Online, included: “Is it true that all builders are cowboys, builders get their work blown down, and builders are like pigs?

“The idea of taking a traditional tale and retelling a story is fine, but it should not alienate parts of the workforce. Judges would not recommend this product to the Muslim community in particular.”

Ann Curtis, whose company, Shoo Fly Publishing, produced the CD-Rom, said the criticisms were unjustified and could even “propagate a racist stance”. She said: “I felt disbelief, to be honest. As a small company, we have a strong ethical and moral grounding. We support the rights of all children in the world to have access to education.

“To be told that we cynically set out to alienate minority groups is a very narrow-minded view.” She said the group had had messages of support from the local community, including Muslims. The book had already won an award in a separate competition.

But the Bett award’s backers — Becta, the Besa trade association and Emap Education — said that the book was rejected for a range of reasons. In a joint statement, they said: “The reason The Three Little Cowboy Builders was not shortlisted was that it failed to reach the required standard across a number of criteria. The . . . issues highlighted were a small selection from a much broader range of comments.

“In particular, the product was not sufficiently convincing on curriculum and innovation grounds to be shortlisted.”

The statement said the competition aimed to “reward inclusive and accessible designs” and was judged by a panel of 70 people, including many teachers.

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(Posted on January 24, 2008)

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Well, on the positive side, there haven’t been riots over “the use of a filthy animal in children’s literature”.

Note: To all the remaining white Brits out there, there’s only one solution to this - if you don’t know ‘what’ that is, you are a lost cause.

Posted by Obscuratus at 6:16 PM on January 24

Maybe the followers of the child molesting prophet would prefer the story to be changed to the “Three Little Muslims”. The big bad wolf could a Jew or better yet an American Jew. That would be far more culturally sensitive.

Islam is not a religion, it’s a mental illness.

By the way, I recently stopped at a local convenience store to buy snacks. Discovering that the new owners were muslims, I intentionally purchased a Coke and a bag of FRIED PORKSKINS. You should have seen the look on “Abdul’s” face. He would not even touch the bag. He have his black assistant ring up the items. That will be the last time I go in there, but the stop was worth it for the laughs!

Posted by Jim at 6:21 PM on January 24

My first reaction, and probably most people’s, is to blame the muslims. But is it really their fault? Nothing in the article said a muslim group complained or any muslim actually was offended. This is the opinion of deluded White marxists who have been systematically destroying their country and culture for decades. As I’ve said before, the real enemy is White marxists. Get them out of power and the muslims, blacks, feminists, and perverts will fall away.

Posted by Flamethrower at 7:07 PM on January 24

A clarification: American readers need to understand the colloquial British use of the word “cowboy” in this article.

“Cowboy” in this context has nothing to do with steer wranglers on the plains — but rather implies a cavalier, reckless, undisciplined attitude towards workmanship. A “cowboy builder,” then, is someone who doesn’t do things “by the books” but rather by “winging it” or “flying by the seat of their pants.” It implies shoddiness and corner-cutting — as in, “We had some builders do a renovation on our house — but they turned out to be a bunch of cowboys, and we weren’t happy with the results.”

That said, this item is most disturbing. Yet another example of COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY “pre-emptive surrender” by the all-too-willing dhimmis of Eurabia.

Posted by Infidel -- And Proud Of It, Man! at 7:26 PM on January 24

They must have really thin skin if a kid’s story offends.

Posted by Spartan24 at 7:38 PM on January 24

Message to native Londoners.

Why don’t you all just commit mass suicide.

Posted by at 9:54 PM on January 24

You know what? It offends me that people are so sensitive. What is society going to do to accomodate me?

Posted by Greg at 11:01 PM on January 24

These people built an empire on which the sun never set?

Posted by at 12:37 AM on January 25

Do White people need any other reason NOT to send your children to public schools! I can not understand why people like this are not regarded by the medical community as having a mental disorder. This story truly represents Cultural Marxism at it’s finest!

Posted by Vancouver Steve at 2:08 AM on January 25

I`ve said it before but it bears repeating. No one ethnic group has the right to determine the validity of another groups symbols.

Posted by Tim Mc Hugh at 8:04 AM on January 25

“The animated virtual book for primary school children, The Three Little Cowboy Builders, was also criticised for its potential to offend builders.”

“In particular, the product was not sufficiently convincing on curriculum and innovation grounds to be shortlisted. The statement said the competition aimed to “reward inclusive and accessible designs.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Huh? What? Is there NOTHING in today’s Britain that will not offend someone? Has offending become the greatest crime of our age? Have they considered that it might also offend cowboys? Why, for goodness’ sake, it might even offend the number “three”.

Reading this incomprehensible lunacy is like reading far-out fiction. I can’t believe it’s real. Has all of Britain gone insane?

Posted by browser at 9:41 AM on January 25

We have truly cast our pearls before the proverbial swine. We are forced by our rulers to tolerate and embrace our worst enemies (besides our own traitorous elites), the very people who are the epitome of intolerance and hatred. If I were religious, I would pray for a re-awakening of our people. I don’t understand how we can be content to throw away our beautiful heritage and way of life for the sake of such a violent and backwards religious sect. Surely we cannot maintain this foolishness for long, right? If we are to survive, I think our race/culture must become our religion. We must WAKE UP!

Posted by Joe at 11:12 AM on January 25

It’s clear that the English people burned out after WWII. They survived, but it ultimately killed their nation.

Posted by at 1:30 PM on January 25

“Agitate, agitate, agitate”. Fredrick Douglas.

What minorities have learned is to be the squeaky wheel. They know that by using our own rules and laws, they can rip our societies to shreds by accusing us of hypocrisy and demanding accommodation.

Their complaints don’t have to have a basis or merit. Their complaints only have to be made to keep us on edge, second guessing, in a state of fear at the charge of racism, hate, or intolerance.

Our fear is what feeds their success.

Posted by sbuffalonative at 1:37 PM on January 25

Islam is like a cult.

A few leaders preying on the females.

Brainwashing the mass to follow blindly.

In fact, most “religions” are doing the same thing. Except in the Catholic church they preyed on little boys.

Independent thought is not part of religious teaching.

Too bad we have so few independent thinkers here in the USA.

Mostly a bunch of followers. Unfortunately like lemmings over the cliff into the sea.

Corruption reins supreme and the result is evident.

Posted by at 1:38 PM on January 25

Why don’t they name the darned thing “The Three Little Nasty Stinking Pig-Eating White Christians” and just get it over with?

Posted by at 3:46 PM on January 25

Pigs, pigs, pigs!

Why is everyone so hypersensitive about pigs? Yes, they are scavengers and unless cooked thoroughly, one can get sick eating them. On the other hand, there are lots of fish one should never eat, no matter what: puffer fish, morray eel, ocean sunfish, and the like.

If fed clean food and raised in a sanitary environment, pork is utterly safe. On the other hand, if ruminants like cattle are fed ground bone meal, one can get C-J Syndrome and die quite terribly. Pigs, on the other hand, designed by evolution to be scavengers, are immune to prion diseases.

Food is what we make of it. During my last trip to Japan, I had raw horse, and there is no red meat quite as good as horse sushi. That said, I would never eat undercooked chicken.

The Politically Correct really ought to get over their “sensitivity” hangups and just live their own lives.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 5:38 PM on January 25

Hey, just wait for 2009 when Bill Clinton get appointed to the US Supreme Court when the ill Ruth Ginsburg steps down in February 2009. If Al Gore had won, President Gore planned to give a US Supreme Court bench to Bill at the first opening. Now Bill’s wife can do this if she wins.

Posted by the Soviet Republic of New Jersey State at 5:53 PM on January 25

Soviet Republic of NJ:

I don’t think Bill Clinton would want to be on SCOTUS.

First off, Bill Clinton is raking in many honoraria on the speaking circuit. He would have no time for that as a member of SCOTUS, and it pays a lot less — I don’t think he could afford the pay cut.

Second, High Court justices tend to live reserved and anonymous lives, and are not ostentatiously political in terms of electoral matters. In other words, they are the arch-typical opposite of Clinton.

Third, I don’t think Clinton would want to be anything other than Chief Justice, and John Roberts looks pretty healthy to me. I don’t think that slot is opening up for a few decades.

Fourth, Clinton appointed two of the Justices (Breyer and Ginsburg) on the bench right now. Would those two be truly of independent mind if the man who gave them their jobs is suddenly a colleague?

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 6:18 PM on January 25

As a previous poster has mentioned, the article no where mentions that this farce was Muslim-initiated. Sometimes whites will push their own agendas, such as atheism, under the guise of being nice to minorities, when in some cases those same minorities could not care less about the issue supposedly causing offence.
Same with the hullabaloo over Christmas. I have never met an Asian, Muslim, Buddhist or obviously a Mexican who is offended by “Merry Xmas.” This type of stuff is pushed by self-hating, white multiculturalist extremists who hate the West. Non-whites are just pawns in their game.

Posted by at 8:19 PM on January 25

“What minorities have learned is to be the squeaky wheel. “
Posted by sbuffalonative

True. But they did not discover the technique. They had good tutelage. Having seen the spectacular success of those who preceded them, they had merely to follow the example. They are imitators, not innovators. Nothing they have done is new or original.

Posted by at 8:50 PM on January 25

“During my last trip to Japan, I had raw horse, and there is no red meat quite as good as horse sushi. “

Not wise! Just as you can get trichinosis from undercooked pork, raw horsemeat is a source of tapeworm.

Posted by at 8:56 PM on January 25

No problems; plenty of wasabi with the ikura afterward.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 3:56 PM on January 30

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