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Robert Winnett, London Telegraph, February 21, 2008

Britain is experiencing the worst “brain drain” of any country as highly qualified professionals settle abroad, an authoritative international study showed yesterday.

Record numbers of Britons are leaving — many of them doctors, teachers and engineers — in the biggest exodus for almost 50 years.

Over a quarter of qualified professionals who have moved abroad had health or education qualifications

There are now 3.247 million British-born people living abroad, of whom more than 1.1 million are highly-skilled university graduates, say the researchers.

More than three quarters of these professionals have settled abroad for more than 10 years, according to the study by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

No other nation is losing so many qualified people, it points out. Britain has now lost more than one in 10 of its most skilled citizens, while overall only Mexico has had more people emigrate.

The figures, based on official records from more than 220 countries, will alarm Gordon Brown as tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money is spent on educating graduates. The cost of training a junior doctor, for example, is £250,000.

The most popular destinations are English-speaking countries such as Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand and holiday areas including France and Spain.

Almost 60 per cent of those leaving take jobs, although hundreds of thousands of retired people live abroad.

The report is a statistical analysis which does not study the motivation for leaving Britain. However, high house prices and taxes and poor climate are frequently cited.

A spokesman for the Paris-based OECD said last night: “British people have lots of opportunities to move and work abroad so very highly-skilled people are travelling around. It is seen by many British people as part of their personal development to have some experience abroad.”

Britain’s exodus is far higher than any of the OECD’s other 29 members. Germany has lost only 860,000 highly-skilled workers, America 410,000 and France 370,000.

The OECD found that 27.3 per cent of those emigrating had health or education qualifications, 37.7 per cent had humanities or social science degrees and 28.5 per cent were scientists or engineers.

Britain has a shortage of graduates in many of these fields and universities have long warned that some of the brightest hopes are being lost to higher salaries abroad.

The report cited research suggesting that 62 per cent of the world’s “star scientists” live in the US, primarily because of the efforts made by American research universities to attract them.

Danny Sriskandarajah, a migration expert at the IPPR think-tank, said: “There is a long-term trend of British people lured abroad by a slightly better lifestyle. They are actively targeted by countries such as Australia and New Zealand.”

The emigration was leading to a rapid change in British society as large numbers of highly-skilled immigrants moved to this country to replace those leaving, he said.

“Britain has been lucky — although it has lost substantial numbers of people, it has attracted more than a million skilled immigrants to replace them. If they stop coming then that would be a problem.”

Figures from the Office for National Statistics last year, suggested that 207,000 Britons — one every three minutes — left in 2006. The emigration rate is at its highest since just after the Second World War.

The term brain drain was coined in the 1950s following the mass emigration of scientists and other experts to America. Tens of thousands of people also left the country to escape the industrial unrest and high taxes of the 1970s.

Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, said: “Ten years of Labour has re-created the brain drain. High taxes and Government interference are driving people away.”

The study found that foreign-born people make up 8.3 per cent of Britain’s population. A House of Lords report into the economic impact of migration is due next month.

Prof David Coleman, of St John’s, Oxford, said the brain drain was “to do with quality of life, laws and bureaucracy, tax and all the rest of it”.

Prof Christian Dustmann, of University College London, said: “The costs of leaving a country are substantial. The rewards must be very high.”

Original article

(Posted on February 22, 2008)

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That last paragraph was stunning. Yes, indeed. What is going on in Not-so-great Britain?? A century ago this nation had the highest living standard and the strongest currency of any nation. What a difference a century makes. Sad.

Posted by Xenophon at 4:23 PM on February 22

“Britain has been lucky — although it has lost substantial numbers of people, it has attracted more than a million skilled immigrants to replace them. If they stop coming then that would be a problem.”

Don’t make me laugh! The people coming to Britain are largely low-skilled third worlders. The people leaving are well-educated and experienced ethnic Brits. The reason there is a problem is because these immigrants keep coming to Britain (and Britain lets them in). The effects mass immigration has on a first-world country’s economy is glaringly obvious. Britain will not be a member of the G-8 for much longer if this trend continues.

Posted by Matt at 4:24 PM on February 22

>>>Prof David Coleman, of St John’s, Oxford, said the brain drain was “to do with quality of life, laws and bureaucracy, tax and all the rest of it”.

I wonder what ‘all the rest of it’ could be…? hmmm… thinking
Could it have anything to do with

Land of my sires,
What mortal hand
Can e’er untie the filial band,
That knits me to thy rugged land.
Sir Walter Scott.

Looks like the mortal hand has struck Sir Walter.

Posted by Arcadian at 4:30 PM on February 22

The successful ambitious whites are leaving while the low-IQ welfare-addicted 3rd world gangbangers move in.

Maybe Britain should be renamed East Detroit.

Posted by Lothrop Stoddard at 6:21 PM on February 22

Prof Christian Dustmann, of University College London, said: “The costs of leaving a country are substantial. The rewards must be very high.”

I don’t suppose it’s crossed anyone’s mind that leaving multiculti Britain is the reward …

Well, Gordon Brown ought not worry; I’m sure they can import more non-whites and the imports will all vote for Gordon … won’t they?

Posted by at 6:33 PM on February 22

But just think, all of these “boring” and “corny” educated whites are being replaced by “exciting” and “hip” ethnically diverse immigrants. So, I guess this is really a plus for Britain, right? You can’t put a price on diversity. I’m sure all of these educated Brits are leaving because they’re upset at the lack of diversity. As soon as Britain is enriched with more wonderful third world immigrants and violent Muslims they are bound to come flocking back. Who wouldn’t want to live under Sharia law?

Posted by Conrad R. at 6:51 PM on February 22

You don’t even have to be a highly educated, high skilled person to read the handwriting on the wall, or interpret the stats from this article.

If a place gets run down, people leave. Happens all the time.

Posted by at 6:51 PM on February 22

Completely dishonest about the reasons. Here are the real reasons.

1. Fleeing forced contact with non-whites. And by forced, I mean FORCED. The british government has embarked in a not so covert plan to squeeze as many low quality non-whites into neighborhoods as possible. This has caused both the standard of living and the general quality of the community to deteriorate markedly. No one wants to live in a slum filled with dysfunctional a-holes.

2. Crime. The british government has stopped punishing crime and started punishing the victims for speaking out. Black murderers get a slap on the wrist for killing whites. Whites who dare point out that blacks are murdering them, get thrown in prison for “hate speech”.

3. Muslim occupation and terrorism. Britain is being colonized by crazy muslims who intend to overthrow the government, institute sharia law and commit genocide against everyone else. The british government is actively aiding and abetting them.

4. Increasing, many of their white neighbors and elected officials are overtly promoting communism instead of democracy.

5. Redistribution of wealth from the normal, highly educated, hard working white population to the groups above. Relatively normal, working class people are left unemployed while their jobs are illegally given to immigrants or just handed to them as welfare.

OF COURSE white brits are fleeing that situation. They are wisely concluding that the british government is about to fall and some major craziness is going to take place there. The real surprise is that there are any whites left in britain.

Posted by at 7:39 PM on February 22

The immigration policies of the U.K. has put her well on the way to becoming the first third world country in western Europe. Even in the face of this on going disaster of loseing it’s best and brightest the lunatics running things will not admit the obvious. If the native British do not sieze the reins of government from these individuals, and very soon, there will be nothing left to fight for. How very incredibly sad all this is. Your fathers wail and moan in their graves.

Posted by Baron at 8:43 PM on February 22

The town where my wife grew up is now majority pakistani. And their representative in the house of commons is also a pakistani.

When she was a child the town was 99.9% white.

Now she lives in the USA (in a town that is 99% white)

Posted by at 9:08 PM on February 22

I wonder if they realize that the skilled immigrants that are moving into the UK will be leaving as well once they get fed up with the high taxes, climate, etc., that the whites didn’t like?

Elitist multicult snobs are at the bottom of the intelligence heap.

Posted by w.r. at 9:28 PM on February 22

There’s more to it than just Third World immigration. Britain is also the most heavily surveilled nation in the world. And the tax rates there are astronomical, much higher than in the USA. Also, the cost of housing and fuel are also stratospheric there. The incarceration rate in Britain is the second highest in the world, after the USA. I attended college in Britain in the early 90’s in a small provincial city that was almost entirely white English, and those were the best years of my life. I totally loved the warm, friendly, cultured people I knew there. It is hard to believe such a great nation could deteriorate so rapidly, but many of those problems were confined to the bigger cities back then, and as a partying college kid many of the employment and tax issues didn’t affect me.

Posted by Mike at 10:32 PM on February 22

“Britain has been lucky — although it has lost substantial numbers of people, it has attracted more than a million skilled immigrants to replace them. If they stop coming then that would be a problem.”

* Yeah like nurses and other female medical workers who refuse to scrub up, since it would require them to reveal their arms.*

Posted by at 11:19 PM on February 22

“Brain drain”? Used to call it “white flight”. But then, though we’ve seen white cities taken over by non-whites, when has the phenomena been national in scope before?

Posted by W.D. at 11:35 PM on February 22

When this happened in South Africa after the end of apartheid, I believe the sentiment of the government was, ‘good, we don’t want your kind here anyway’.

The dispossessions continue with no end in sight.

Posted by sbuffalonative at 11:49 PM on February 22

But my question is where will they go? How many pure white nations are left anyways? Virtually every nation in Europe have governments who are covertly replacing their native populations. France is filled with algerians, Russia is filled with uzbeks, Australia is filled with lebs, U.S.A is filled with mexicans, South Africa is not even an option. Where does one go to stay away from the low IQ third world types? I think the only hope we have in the future maybe Japan or Korea if they let us in that is.

Posted by Jasper at 12:31 AM on February 23

Well here I am. A Fellow of my professional Institute, a Fellow of the Royal Society. a bunch of other qualifications and a CV that covers a couple of decades work in business, financial and IT management at director level in major organisations.

And now I’ve left the UK, along with many friends, family and past colleagues, taking our skills and our money to a better country.


Well there is now no place in England for English people. We are the people who are no longer wanted in the new, multiculti, UK.

Our towns are no longer recognisable, less still safe, for us.

What future do our children have in a nation where their indiginous culture is airbrushed away in favour of inferior imports.

Mass immigration over the past 20 years has destroyed a country, culture and way of life that my ancestors fought and died for.

All given away by a bunch of corrupt, undemocratic, socialists and capitalists.

Re-read Enoch Powells famous speech.

He was right on the money

Posted by Geoff at 1:06 AM on February 23

That the UK is committing suicide, on a societal scale, has now become painfully clear and if anything is no longer surprising. What’s even more shocking and depressing however, is that the same process is repeating itself in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Even in the USA.

The wretched, horrendous state of Britain is a direct result of the political incentives garnered from mass Third World immigration, wage depression and naked capitalism that accrue to these countries’ major parties, but especially the Labour Parties. The Blair/Brown cabal in the UK — itself an offshoot of American Clintonism — knows what it’s doing with its unbelievable immigration policies, stifling political correctness and police state society, which bring in 500,000 people annually from Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, the Indian Subcontinent and SE Asia, while pushing out close to 300,000 Britons. These newcomers invariably vote Labour as do their kids. So Labour is *importing votes* by the millions, thus guaranteeing themselves a permanent majority.

Kevin Rudd’s Labour Party in Australia is now replicating this same process Down Under, inspired by Blair. The floodgates in Australia have been thrown open to massive immigration from Sudan, Somalia and Zimbabwe, not to mention Malaysia and Indonesia — two very young and populous nations with a hungry eye on Australia’s resources — as well as old Third World Commonwealth favorites such as India and Bangladesh, as well as the Philippines and Vietnam. Entire cities and towns in Australia, not to mention whole neighborhoods of Sydney, are basically little Vietnamese colonies or crime-ridden outposts of Sudan or Nigeria, and Rudd is making sure that Australian Whites, with a dismally low birth rate, are quickly turned into a minority. Voila — permanent Labour majority in Australia.

The same thing is happening in New Zealand, also with a Labour Party seeking that same edge from enormous inflows of South Asians, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Sudanese and Malaysians. It’s even worse in NZ since there’s also a native Maori population with extremely high population growth, 3X that of NZ Whites.

What’s insanely frustrating is that even more “conservative” parties, when in power in these nations, do little or nothing to change this process since they themselves see a benefit for their own corrupt corporate interests from mass immigration, chiefly in the form of depressed wages. Although Kevin Rudd is ensuring demographic catastrophe for Australia, his predecessor John Howard — despite his pretenses toward immigration restriction — had already ensured that Australia would be flooded by immigrants from South Asia, Africa and Vietnam. Tories such as Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher were the ones to actually open Britain’s floodgates, which Labour has built upon. Canada actually has a conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who nonetheless is perfectly happy to adhere to Labour mass immigration policies that will turn Canada into a White minority nation like Rhodesia within 2 decades. And the USA? The Republicans have contributed almost as much as the Democrats into turning the Southwest into Aztlan, while destroying the US tech industry with imports of millions of cheap-labor Indians and Pakistanis on the H1-B, and overwhelming towns in Minnesota and Maine with Somalis and Sudanese.

It seems that the only Western countries surviving this hideous and insidious nation-destruction process, are the ones with a much stronger sense of nationalism and less of a historical connection with Third World countries. Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Greece — these countries were often invaded by Turks or other aggressive non-Europeans in the past, and so have no PC wishy-washy illusions about the dangers of demographic overwhelming. Interesting in that these are also among the chief destinations of all those Britons leaving the UK, with Germany especially popular. In fact, Britons right now are so frustrated and angry that they’re even leaving by the millions to enter France, which is hardly a beacon of Western resistance today yet, with recent tightenings of its own immigration laws, is still a much better alternative to Britain. Sad, so painfully sad to see a Western nation like the UK perish like this, so pathetically. And then to see once-nice places like Australia and Canada follow Britain’s example!

Posted by Cameron at 1:44 AM on February 23

As an American who has abandoned the US for Germany, I meet lots of Brits who have deserted the UK for the obvious reasons. They are sick of the destruction of their country by third world immigrants.

Of course, Germany also has some immigration problems, but most Germans are seething under the surface, afraid to defend themselves because of their past.

This is why, my family’s and my final destination will likely be back in Muslim-intolerant, Orthodox Christian Eastern Europe. I at least can pretty much bet on my kids falling in love with and marrying (and producing children with) white Christians.

Good-bye, America and England. You were both great once!

Posted by Gavril at 1:58 AM on February 23

Get out while you still can. Soon enough they’ll ban emigration as a hate crime.

Posted by Diamed at 2:02 AM on February 23

So, in other word Britain will only be left with White chumps admist a black/brown majority.
What a way to go!

Posted by Kenelm Digby at 8:41 AM on February 23

Watching the formerly-Great Britain is now much like watching a plane crash in progress - debris everywhere, fleeing survivors, and a lot of innocents in peril.

That one sentence is a particular laugh: “If they stop coming then that would be a problem.”

Oh I bet. I can’t *imagine* how the UK managed to become a superpower without importing third-worlders and Muslims. How did they ever do it???


Posted by Dark-Star at 9:11 AM on February 23

My heart aches for the land of my ancestors. I,too, consider Great Britain, specifically England, as the mother country to me and my people. It truly hurts me to know that their government has turned its back on its people. Its the same here in the U.S. Our goevernment has cast us aside for the whores in big business whom will fill our country with illegal immigrants to take our jobs. All for the greed of huge profits. And without pointing any fingers, everybody reading this post will know who the major players are in our demise. The real question is: what will we do about it? The options are many, most people will not do anything. I am not a learned man, many whom post here are highly intelligent. I really enjoy reading their posts. I seldom bother to post my comments because they pale in comparison. But, I do know right from wrong, and we are being trodded upon. When the president of the country will openly work to fill our country with illegals and will aid and give comfort to our enmey, then he has committed treason. Kosovo has now become an Islamic state thanks to George Bush and the U.S. government. Do not for one minute believe that Islam is not your enmey. Islam is dedicated to destroying all things that are not Islamic. George Bush will go down in history as one of the worst presidents, along with Bill Clinton. At best, they will be considered ineffective and inane. At worst, they will be considered traitors.

Posted by at 10:10 AM on February 23

the traditional brits are leaving britain because of the multi-cult/multi-race,politically correct,repressive socialist state it’s become…look at their gunlaws….what gunlaws? you can’town a gun,they even regulate pellet guns, and are moving to ban pocket knives….this from the country that invented the gun…canada,denmark,france, holland,germany,and others are headed in the same direction..soon america will be threatened with extinction as the showcase of liberty in the world..all in one generation of rampant liberalism!!!!

Posted by scotty at 2:52 PM on February 23

The British government - meaning the crackpot socialist/marxist Labour party - is dissolving the British people and electing a new one. The Labour party is the true villain of English history. It was the party that started non-White immigration in 1948 and has continued it ever since. It has won the majority of English votes only three times in history. It was/is kept in power by the ‘Celtic fringe’ and racial foreigners.

Posted by at 10:05 PM on February 23

We should be welcoming these real British with open arms. I noticed how many more English, Irish and Scottish accents are being heard on TV and among personnel in businesses.
I say “Good bloody show!”.

Posted by at 8:34 AM on February 24

To Jasper:

You’re dreaming if you think Japan and (South)Korea are going to start admitting white British emigrees into their countries.

Posted by Soprano Fan at 11:16 AM on February 24

Truly sad to see go from being “great” to a third world immigration and muslim coddling nation with bleak prospects for the future. The British immigrants I’ve come in contact with in the U.S. are generally polite, kind and enjoyable to be around unlike most third world gremlins clogging our city streets.

The only viable option that Britain has, or any of us for that matter, is to resist any way possible with the hope that someday soon a national government will come to power and forcibly eject the swarthy invaders. That may be wishful thinking but that’s all we have right now.

Posted by Super Dave at 1:13 PM on February 24

“Where does one go to stay away from the low IQ third world types? I think the only hope we have in the future maybe Japan or Korea if they let us in that is.”

Then we’ll be the low IQ third world types.

Posted by at 4:34 PM on February 24

I would just like to echo the comments about “where do these people go?”; Australia is a multicult mess; Canada is worse than the US (I went to school for my MA in the mid-70’s at the University of Toronto; at the time it was overwhelmingly white English Canadian — today Toronto is 60% non-white) and of course the US will be a minority white country in 22 or so years, probably by 2030.
I still think that there may be isolated countries to go to, e.g. Ireland although in the EU has restrictionist policies as far as doctors are concerned(you cannot get a consultant post in Ireland even if you are British). So there are some spots of potential hope — -but the usual suspects, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, are a very poor choice.

Posted by at 5:10 PM on February 24

Germane to the mass Afro/Indian immigration that is driving respectable, educated Britons out is Britain’s acute housing shortage and absurd house prices.
Quite simply, young ambitious people realize that they will never afford to purchase a house or any decent property in Britain.
Of course, the price is being upped by the mass immigration.In the next 20-30 years it is forecast that Britain will have at least 7 million additional residents (or one London equivalent). To house these people ground needs o be broken *right now* on the new cities.Given Britain’s appalling track record on construction take it as given that this won’t happen.
Therefore expect even more absurd stratospheric house prices in the future ( a 120 year old delapidated two bed-room London house in a bad suburb going for something like $3 million dollars -this is no joke but a sound and reasonable extrapolation).

Posted by Kenelm Digby at 6:27 AM on February 25

The “BRITS” who are coming HERE as physicians have INDIAN NAMES!…I’ve YET to see a WHITE BRITISH DOCTOR!

Posted by Suzan Donoghue at 10:21 AM on February 25

I attempted to move to London recently. I lasted three months there. Firstly I was deeply shocked by how multi-racial the city is (coming from rural Ireland) nothing can prepare you for it! If it weren’t for the red buses there are many areas where you would really believe your in Kabul or Baghdad.

I was assaulted on my first weekend in the city. I had an object thrown at me from a passing car that nearly broke my nose.

The only job I could get was a call center position (despite having a degree and office experience) that would pay only £15,000.00 a year in a city where average rent is £120 a week and the tube cost £4 (one way).

London form my experience is over-populated, dangerous, exspensive and suffering immensely from multi culturalism.
If the rest of Britain is anything like London, I can see why so many Brits want to get out. However I think they should stay and vote for the BNP.

Posted by irish_reader at 2:05 PM on February 25

I’m not English but I’m torn up looking at what’s happening to their country and culture. Indeed the whole future seems unstable as it appears every single one of our countries is going down like a line of dominos. It appears the future of Europe, the US and Australia will be one of ethnic enclaves and regions. Part of England will be ethnic English territories whereas the other territories will be foreigners. And these groups will be battling it out for ages to come, like feudal states. Even still I’m working on having more kids and making them aware of anti-white propaganda.

Posted by Realitycheck at 3:02 PM on February 25

Jasper has a point.

At least in Japan, various foreigners are welcome as long as they are not Black. You can have a good time with the beautiful women too.

Posted by OccasionalLurker at 5:37 PM on February 25

Logic dictates that eventually the powerful people of these nations will be overrun by these third world groups and then beg for the people they have shown so much contempt to come and save them.
Eventually the white race will find itself so weakened that we will have to fight for our own survival. I predict utter and complete failure, the leaders of the third world people are calling for the complete destruction of the white race.

Posted by at 9:03 PM on February 25

“It has won the majority of English votes only three times in history. It was/is kept in power by the ‘Celtic fringe’ and racial foreigners.”

Hello Neil Saunders/Doomwatcher/Johnny English.

Back with more of your basless anti Celt conspiracy theories I see.

Posted by Danny at 5:25 PM on February 28


That was my post you are referring to. I don’t know the other posters you mention. My statement is quite true. The Labour party obtained a majority of ENGLISH votes in only THREE of Britain’s elctions. The statement is perfectly true. The overwhelming majority of Non-Whites vote Labour. It was the Labour party that let, and continues to let them into Britain. Also Celtic areas - especially Scotland always vote Labour. In some parts of Scotland only 30,000 voters represent a riding with an MP at Westminster. Ridings in London have over 100,000 voters. Under the ‘Barnett formula’ Scotland is allocated far more of the British treasury then its share of the population would dictate. Perhaps the U.K. should split up. Irreconciable differences. The Scots have been claiming English “oppression” for 300 years but unlike the Irish have never troubled to put themselves to the test as a separate country.

Posted by at 1:15 AM on February 29

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