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Nerissa Knight, KTVT-TV (Dallas/Ft. Worth), February 1, 2008

GRAPEVINE (CBS 11 News) — A fight over language in a Grapevine school has gotten so heated that some parents are pulling their children out of class.

The parents are claiming that students are being forced to learn Spanish, while children of immigrants aren’t being forced to learn or speak English.


Officials with the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District say it’s their duty to educate all students. But some white students and their parents say they are now the minority and are left with no choice, but to fight.


In 2001 Hispanics made up 33-percent of Timberline Elementary enrollment, with white students accounting for 60-percent. Now in 2008, Hispanics account for more than half of the student body, and white enrollment is down to 36-percent.

The girls and their parents have met with their principal, the Grapevine-Colleyville School Board, and the superintendent. The opposition is garnering other support, including that of Dora Deleon. “This is a country America, with English. So we supposed to learn to speak English,” said the concerned Hispanic mother, whose grandchildren attend Timberline.


But there are some parents who embrace the Spanish initiatives at Timberline. “It develops our kids,” said parent Tia Green.


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(Posted on February 5, 2008)

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I graduated from Grapevine High School in 1988. In my graduating class I could have counted the number of Hispanic students on ONE HAND. Now whites are pulling their kids out of schools in the same district. That is how severe white dispossession has become in North Texas.

Posted by at 6:38 PM on February 5

“But there are some parents who embrace the Spanish initiatives at Timberline. “It develops our kids,” said parent Tia Green.”

This has been the unfortunate fate of all large metropolitan areas, such as the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex, which have had to endure lethal doses of both non-Southern Whites and non-Whites pouring in at record numbers. The influx of non-Southern Whites has allowed the Marxism/Socialism of Western, Northern, and Eastern liberals to infect the population. As AR has repeatedly stated, minorities are assimilable only up to a certain point when their numbers reach a critical mass. At that point the minorities cease attempting to fit in to the dominant host society and begin proactively lobbying for their own identity becoming more and more radical in their demands as their numbers swell. This is what has happened in sleepy, once all White Grapevine, Tx. I lived there for 10 years (1986-1996) and in those 10 years there was almost a Leave it to Beaver-like atmosphere. There was certainly no ethnic strife to contend with and the city ran effortlessly efficient. Now, driving through Grapevine one gets the feeling he/she is actually in Irving (another once happy, White onclave of civility and pleasantness now overrun with Mestizos courteousy of non-Southern White Leftists). We here in Louisiana still have Confederate Flags festooned all up and down the streets during the Mardis Gras parades and Southern pride is everywhere. You will not find this scene ANYWHERE in the DFW metroplex, a sign the cultural Marxists’ poison has done its dirty deed on the brow-beaten Whites inhabiting those two once great cities in North Texas.

Posted by P Norman at 6:57 PM on February 5

Welcome to the future. The Spanish language will overtake English. All road signs, television shows, newspapers, magazines,Government forms, and all other forms of communication in the United States will succumb to this juggernaut because it is the politically correct thing to do. The Federal government will back the move 100 percent. Anyone that disagrees will be instantly labeled a racist and cast out by the “politically correct” elite.
The invaders are killing this country an inch at a time because of the full backing of the Federal Government. Local governments attempt to stop it and they feel the full impact of thier own government coming down on them. Our “leaders” in Washington live inside what the refer to as a beltway. Nothing outside this beltway is real to them. As more power is concentrated there; the more determined they seem to destroy the rest of the country.
They no longer govern by consent but by sheer raw dictatorial power.

Posted by at 7:02 PM on February 5

If I were a parent I would go to the school board and insist that my kids would learn Italian, Greek, Polish, French, German,,,,,I would demand it say…you are being racist in the fact that ONLY spanish language is forced on the kids….turn up the heat on these idiot schools or sue….that would stop it right there on the spot!!!!

Posted by lydia at 7:57 PM on February 5

Get ready for it America because unless you get off your lazy backsides and stop the illegal invasion of your country by mexicans and their american traitors, sooner of later, you and certainly your kids and grandkids will be forced to learn spanish if they want any kind of decent job in much of the US.

Posted by at 8:34 PM on February 5

As a Canadian, I strongly urge all red-blooded Americans to fight back against the use of the Spanish language in business, education, the media, advertising, etc. Bilingualism in Canada has caused all sorts of problems. Anybody who chooses (legally - if illegal, get out!) to come to the United States must learn English and function in that language. If they can’t or won’t, then kick ‘em out!

Do you want Spanish to be enshrined as an official language in America? Then federal politics will be reduced to those persons who can speak Spanish. You’ll need to speak Spanish to have any hope of landing a federal government job or contract. Spanish speakers will build up en masse in certain locales and will start insisting on their right to preserve their ‘unique’ language and culture. Laws will be erected forcing all students to attend Spanish-language schools. Signs with English lettering will be declared illegal. Talk of separation will heat up, as the Hispanics declare that they must detach ‘their’ portion of land from the rest of the United States. Businesses will flee the Spanish-majority states, and so will whites (and blacks). Civil unrest! Terrorist actions in favour of a sovereign Hispanic nation on American soil, including kidnappings and bombings! Referendums! Suspension of civil liberties and rolling out of the troops! Economic stagnation!

Think I’m an alarmist? Actually, the paragraph above describes what’s gone on in Canada with regard to the French language vs. the English language. And the same thing could easily happen in the United States. Please, Americans, learn from Canada’s ways and don’t let the same thing happen in the United States!

Posted by Matt at 9:04 PM on February 5

“You’ll need to speak Spanish to have any hope of landing a federal government job or contract. Spanish speakers will build up en masse in certain locales and will start insisting on their right to preserve their ‘unique’ language and culture.”

I’ve heard about what has gone on in Canada in regards to english and french and you are right. I live in texas and in parts of our state, this has already happened.

Posted by KC at 9:57 PM on February 5

“You’ll need to speak Spanish to have any hope of landing a federal government job or contract. Spanish speakers will build up en masse in certain locales and will start insisting on their right to preserve their ‘unique’ language and culture.”

“I’ve heard about what has gone on in Canada in regards to english and french and you are right. I live in texas and in parts of our state, this has already happened.”

Unfortunately, this IS what needs to happen to get people to wake up. A lot of us hate what is happening to this country, but as long as we have a job and can make the mortgage, nothing is really going to change. I predict a coming economic hardship that will be the precursor for massive civil unrest. Once the goverment loses control, white people won’t feel guilty for defending themselves against non-whites. Balkanization is inevitible since we’ve been under occupation since 1965, but it’s the only way race-conscious whites will form a new white homeland.

Posted by Mark at 10:25 PM on February 5

Here at North Florida’s government-mandated research-development K-12 school, the ONLY language now taught in the foreign language dept. is Spanish. When I asked “why not a diversity of languages, since we are continually told that diversity is such a good thing”? The answer I received from the Director was “Listen, you’ll severely disadvantage your kids if they don’t learn Spanish — -thta’s the future of this country!” Meanwhile, in south FL and now mid-FL, American citizens can’t find work or are even fired from long-time gov’t jobs if they can’t speak Spanish(or sometimes because they aren’t Hispanic)!!! So much for tolerance and diversity!!! And no one is coming to their rescue, esp. not our elected “representatives”.

Posted by OnGuard at 11:00 PM on February 5

In Korea, they are setting up public schools that are all in English. They are doing this not because there are lobbying minorities but because English is the international language of commerce, trade, high tech, and pretty much everything else.

The smart Koreans figure, hey, our kids need to speak English to have a competitive edge in the world so we can be even richer and more powerful country.

We here in US are going down the drain when we acquiesce to lo IQ low achieving Mexicans even to the point of learning their language. Why are we catering to the lowest denominator? We’ll be teaching Ebonics in schools? Wait, they are lobbying for that or tried that didn’t they?

Posted by realist at 12:36 AM on February 6

When my oldest (daughter) started the first grade, she attended the same elementary school I did, many years before. They immediately started her in a Spanish language course (in the first grade!). I went to the school and spoke with the admin about my concerns. She told me it was mandated by the State of North Carolina and there was nothing she or I could do about it.

The largest language minority in Wilmington at the time was Greek and they have a Greek Orthodox Church there, so I asked if my daughter could take Greek instead of Spanish. If not Greek, then Latin would be a good choice, since it is the language of law and medicine. French would be OK too, since it is the language of finance and diplomacy. German or Russian would be good choices for engineering or science. But Spanish is the language of bull fighters and dope dealers, and I do not want my daughter thinking that is acceptable. No, No, NO, was the answer I was given.

They said my daughter needed to learn Spanish because it was the wave of the future. At the time, there were no Spanish speakers in Wilmington. (There are thousands and thousands now!) How did the North Carolina legislators know that my little port city between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean would be over-run with Spanish speakers in a few years? (There must have been a plan.) Since colonial Wilmington was burned twice by the Spaniards, this was particularly annoying.

My daughter graduated high school in Oklahoma in 2003 and she still lives there, but she does not speak Spanish, nor does her longtime boyfriend.

Posted by Memphomaniac at 1:25 AM on February 6

Exactly lydia. Instead of being a victim, parents should get together and challenge the school board. Just what would the school board do if 80% of the class didn’t show up? We know the answer.

Posted by Bobby at 3:56 AM on February 6

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It is all Americans fault. All I ever read on dozens and dozens of different blog sites is how this group is doing this to Americans, and over here is another group “forcing” citizens to do something else, apparently against their will, etc.

Is someone holding Americans at gun point and forcing them to make their children go to certain schools, vote a certain way, live a certain way,etc? How can this be, when foreigners come here penniless, and through shear will work to make things happen “their way.” Yet, Americans can’t because we are supposedly so helpless. Why?

Answer: because we have had things too easy and lost OUR WILL, to even care about the things happening to us. Our ancestors would not have waited for the “lucky break”, the “perfect moment”, etc. Had they operated in this manner, the shear brutality of the circumstances they faced in the new nation would have killed them.

Posted by Bobby at 3:56 AM on February 6

I find it amazing that our children are expected to learn the language of violent and corrupt countries, especially Mexico. This is a parasitic nation that has no intention of reforming itself. It is content to sit back and let our government cower in fear of their invading hordes. With the way the presidential races are going, it also seems likely that this will continue with the blessing of our elected officials. Disgraceful!

Posted by June at 9:41 AM on February 6

When Russia invaded, conquered and incorporated the surrounding countries to form the USSR, the first thing they did was require those country’s schools to teach their students the Russian language. Mexico is a weak, impoverished, backward, corrupt third-world nation incapable of conquering America without the help of legions of political traitors determined to destroy our sovereignty, our economy, our culture, our history, our language and our future. We have the absolute right and responsibility to target these domestic traitors and bring them to justice. With these Quislings out of the picture the Mexicans will leave in mass and never return to trouble us again…

Posted by at 11:20 AM on February 6

Hispanics may appreciate all these concessions but most Hispanic parents want their children to learn English.

Apparently, all around the world people are learning to speak English? Well hooray for black people.

Posted by at 1:11 PM on February 6

Get a lawyer and sue. Then ask Congress why we do not have an oficial language — English.

Posted by FRANK at 2:31 PM on February 6

World War II consisted primarily of militaries waging war upon civilians. When we bombed German, for example, we blew up or burned to death whole families in their own homes. This carnage included women and children simply because they were citizens of the enemy nation. Historians have never found fault with this and the people of the opposing nations have accepted this is as a necessity of war. Today our invading enemies live among us and we must stiffen our resolve and show the same willingness to bring war to their families as well least they use them as shields. As the Good Book states, “there will always be wars and rumors of wars” and now it is our turn to deal with it on our own soil…

Posted by at 3:09 PM on February 6

My commerical loans will be paid off in approx. 15 years. My wife and I have already agreed we are leaving America for either Wales (my country of origin about 200 years ago) or Ireland, her country of origin about 200 years ago.

Yes, I know those nations are dying too, but maybe we can get 10 years more. Then we are dead and we can escape the White Holocaust.

Posted by LOGIC at 4:59 PM on February 6

Hi Everyone.

I am Tia Green the one who was on the article. You can actually see the news series at

I know many of you think that I am “giving” into the society that has come upon us in Grapevine. I also lived in a small community in Michigan, moved to South Carolina where they waved their confederate flags high (which they had to take down off the capital building later), and moved here to a culture where yes, the majority is hispanic. I also went to a “white” school where there were no hispanics and 2 black students.

I am not saying we should conform, all I am saying is that putting these kids in a position to speak another language is great, our option right now is Spanish. I can speak French fluently and am also teaching that to my children. Do I like the illegal aliens hanging out in front of my apartments, NO! Do I like the fact that I can’t understand anything any of them are saying NO! I am just trying to make it so later on my kids have the ability to make more money than the Joe Shmo who can’t speak spanish. I know it’s unfortunate, but it’s where our country is going.

I have TRIED to stand up and fight for getting the illegal aliens out of this city, by picketing and everything, but my family fears that I may get harmed in the process. I LOVE my country to death, and my main concern is the illegal aliens in this country, not the fact that my kids have the ability to learn a foreign language that just happens to be Spanish.

I feel horrible for the children that were put into the limelight by these parents because they don’t feel their kids need to learn Spanish…I hate to say it, but’s the way the world is going.

Posted by Tia Green at 6:11 PM on February 6

Answer: because we have had things too easy and lost OUR WILL, to even care about the things happening to us. Our ancestors would not have waited for the “lucky break”, the “perfect moment”, etc. Had they operated in this manner, the shear brutality of the circumstances they faced in the new nation would have killed them. “

“Bobby” you are absolutely right. People today have had it too easy. They sit on their oversized couches, stuffing their oversized bodies with big macs and playing x-box and watching the big game on their oversized flat screen tvs. Only harder times, such as a recession or depression, will wake people up and harder times are definitely coming.

Posted by KC at 8:58 PM on February 6

When I was in high school 20 years ago, we had a choice between french,spanish,german and latin and this was in texas. Now in texas schools, it’s only spanish unless it is a private school.

Posted by at 9:01 PM on February 6

I think white kids should be learned in Ebonics. What up, dog?

Posted by mf at 10:42 PM on February 6

The Spaniards are probably not fond of this trend either, as they too are fighting against brown latin american immigrant interlopers over in Europe as well.

Posted by JJ Bjornsson at 12:43 AM on February 7

“Now in texas schools, it’s only spanish unless it is a private

Not necessarily. My stepson has the option of French, German, Latin, Japanese, and Spanish as a freshman in Richardson ISD.

But here’s something crazy: I asked him how many Mexicans were in his Spanish class, thinking there’d be a lot since it would be an easy class for native Spanish speakers. He said there were none because Mexicans can take a test of Spanish proficiency and get three credits without taking a class. But of course English speakers can’t get similar credit for English proficiency. Any other Metroplexers heard anything like this?

Posted by ben tillman at 5:20 PM on February 7

I raised this very issue with the folks over at USEnglish when, 30 years ago, I stated, unless they took a COMPLETELY NON- NEGOTIATORY stance, we would be here.

They didn’t want to hear that, and I stopped sending them money just to paddle in shark-infested waters, instead of getting a shotgun and killing all the sharks… from the boat of a Constitutional Amendment that clearly states, “English has been and is to be, the ONLY national language of these United States.

Posted by AlmostMusicPhD at 11:32 PM on February 7

In Irving to get familys to move in areas developers wanted they started teaching half day in spanish at public schools. Parents wwanted to leave fast and some called those signs “sell it to us”, “I buy homes”, all those companies trace back to the Ross Perot finacial group which is behind North Texas developement along with TX dot. Another tactic was to use code enforcement to harass Americans overf 50 in paid for homes to sell quickly at a loss to those companies so they could be replaced. In Irving the use many tactics to convert a neighborhood to abot 2/3rds Mexican then start taking it out for redevelopement. The city says they are getting rid of ilegal aliens and riff raff, no one hears the sound of American bodiies falling. So heads up Timberline area, do you see those signs? Do you get offers to buy your home left on your door? Do you have an influx of ilegal aliens? Do people get hit by code enforcemnt on things they think are bogus? You may wish to look up the cite online for The Irving Rambler and call up the 111-29-2007 issue to see what the final solution looks like-how if you do not move they will destroy you.

Posted by violet at 10:14 AM on February 8

Americans need to come together and protest the way African-Americans had to in the 60’s in order to make the changes necessary to STOP THE MADNESS. What’s going on in this country regarding Illegal immigrants is astonishing. Politicans and people with money will not be affected by all the changes as a result of illegal immigration. Matter of fact, they will benefit because they will employ illegals to cheaply improve their businesses and lifestyle.

Why in the world are we forced to learn Spanish when high numbers of Americans cannot even graduate from high school? Our society is so busy entertaining themselves, getting into debit, having children they cannot afford, comitting crime, getting high, we could care less about what is happening to our country and what our elected politicans are doing instead of saying.

If Americans don’t come together in large numbers and take back our country, the masses are doomed to losing all the possibilities that American stands for.

We need a third party candidate to surface and start the only thing that will maybe help turn this around…REVOLUTION…in a positive way.

Posted by at 2:31 PM on February 9

America is making the same fatal mistake that Canada has made. You are about one generation behind us on the language front, but you are catching up.

Posted by at 6:35 PM on February 9

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