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Hard-Line Hindus Protest Valentine’s Day

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Gavin Rabinowitz, AP, February 13, 2008

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, hard-line Hindu activists in India aren’t feeling the love. They say Valentine’s Day celebrations are part of a Western cultural invasion. Here, protesters in New Delhi shout “Down with Valentine!” on Wednesday, the day before the holiday.

“We are deadly against Valentine’s Day,” said Sapan Dutta, a regional leader of the hard-line Shiv Sena group. “We are for civilized love and affection.”

The protests by groups like Shiv Sena, who say they are defending traditional Indian values from Western-style promiscuity, have become an annual media event.

But they appear to be fighting a losing battle, particularly in India’s cities, where a booming economy has brought with it all the trappings of Western culture, including McDonald’s, MTV and of course, Valentine’s Day.


Still, a handful of hard-liners threatened to disrupt celebrations.

“Our volunteers will check parks, hotels and restaurants and swoop upon young lovers found walking hand-in-hand,” said Vijay Tiwari, a Shiv Sena activist in Lucknow.

In recent years, there have been several cases of couples being attacked while seeking privacy in local parks.


Original article

(Posted on February 14, 2008)

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Tsk, tsk. The Hindu’s should be ashamed for not embracing the multicultural values celebrating Valentine’s Day brings to India. Let’s impose economic sanctions!

Posted by MS at 5:55 PM on February 14

These are almost assuredly all people who utterly believe in the so-called “right” of Hindus to colonize Britain, Australia, the US and Canada: hypocrites of the purest ray supreme.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 7:46 PM on February 14

I just would like to let people know Hinduism is not a religion. It is a way of life. It is a culture with many religions and philosophies. With that being typed, these people make a big mistake when they think promiscuity is promoted by Valentine’s Day. They are confusing modern day Western culture with the concept of Valentine’s Day. These people are dumb and immoral when they try to threaten aggression for something as innocent as Valentine’s Day which promotes love and partnership.

Posted by Gaurav Ahuja at 9:10 PM on February 14

While some would say that Hindus are merely protecting their culture from alien invaders.I think it would be rather extreme if americans went around attacking Mexicans celebrating Cinco de Mayo.I myslef think we should start celebrating Guy Fawkes day.

Posted by Tony Soprano. at 9:14 PM on February 14

I love these Hindus. They are unashamed of their racial exclusiveness. Now, if they’d just stop moving to the West to be near whites I wouldn’t call them hypocrites in the same breath.

Posted by at 9:24 PM on February 14

It is their country, let them rant. I don’t really blame them for fearing the worst aspects of marxist culture. I’m not sure they have anything against Valentine’s day per se, if they even really know what it is at all. The Shiv Sena are rather hardline nationalists and I think they react to certain Western icons as a way to urge Hindus to keep on the straight and narrow and fight against their own horrible degeneracy. And they have a lot more to worry about than a couple holding hands or eating chocolate. One of the strains of Hindu reform going all the way back to Ram Mohan Roy is that the Hindus need to progress, but they must do it their own way, not under the yoke of the muslim, or British, or marxist.

India has made great strides in the last 60 years, but they have a long way to go. They also have great free email. I just wish they’d stop training so many engineers. It makes me nervous.

Posted by Flamethrower at 9:37 PM on February 14

This actually surprises me. To a certain extent I respect Hinduism amd see it as the only legitimate religion of the sub-continent. I also see Hindus as allies against the Muslems.

Posted by at 1:18 AM on February 15

Western style promiscuity ? Have you ever seen an ancient Hindu temple ? They are x-rated a thousand times over . Covered in thousands of statuettes either exhibiting themselves or copulating . If ever there was a culture that worshipped sex, this would have to be it .

Posted by at 3:29 AM on February 15

From a country that gave the world the KARMA SUTRA. Strange.

Posted by at 8:21 AM on February 15

Hindus sound pretty insularly bigoted; something white-Christians should do to save themselves from crime, stress, high taxes and genetic extinction. In fact, it is a wonderful idea.

Posted by Michigan patriot at 9:06 AM on February 15

I think I will have piece of cow for dinner at McDonalds today as a salute to protesting Hindus. There’s always some minority crying about something anymore. These minorities are in the process of trashing America. For the most part they contribute nothing while sucking the economy dry. They spit out offspring like rats while enjoying free medical care, food & housing at taxpayer expense. The whole situation is out of control yet our spineless elected officials do nothing. They are too worried about securing the minority vote.

Posted by at 10:22 AM on February 15

SAINT VALENTINE was a CHRISTIAN MARTYR of Ancient Rome who should be honoured in a dignifyed religious manner. The capitalist’s and Globalist’s use his day to further their “new world order” agenda. I don’t need to buy red roses and a teddy bear card to show my wife I love her. The whole thing is pathetic really.

Posted by at 10:38 AM on February 15

But they appear to be fighting a losing battle, particularly in India’s cities, where a booming economy has brought with it all the trappings of Western culture, including McDonald’s, MTV and of course, Valentine’s Day.(FROM ARTICLE ABOVE)

No wonder so many Indians are moving to America. They are sick of McDonalds and want to try Taco Bell and Carl’s Jr.

Posted by Howard in Las Vegas at 11:10 AM on February 15

Hindus keep claiming to be for civilized love and affection. Look at their temples in Khajuraho. Sheer lust in a temple!

Their lust is clearly a pathological obsession hence when they hear love or affection their minds naturally project lust since they have no idea what love is.

Posted by at 11:26 AM on February 15

Western Values are the only values that need to be accepting and tolerant, right?


Be a man, and an American and stand up for what’s right, which was our past way of life. Freedom and Christian Values.

Posted by jdavis at 11:57 AM on February 15

I guess 600 years of Portuguese, Armenian, Persian Zoraastrians and Christians, Muslim, Buddhist,French, Arab, Chinese, Indonesian and of course the English occupation didn’t spread foreign cultures around India? Are we to believe that through all those foreign influences the Hindus remained pristine in their original culture and religion?

I’ve never been to India, but I like those bollyood movies. There are also Indian food and Sari shops in my area. And I have noticed that the favorite Indian color seems to be red!!!!!!!

As far as the religious thing goes, better devote a day to St. Valentine, a pacifist christian priest who ran a secretarial service than Kali, the Goddess of murder and cannibalism. Or that elephant God, what’s up with that?????????????

Posted by margaret at 1:45 PM on February 15

I find western popular culture’s version of romance to be disgusting and crude. I like NE asian’s take on Valentine’s day much better. They consider it a day to remember all your loved ones not just a romantic partner. They give Valentine’s day cards to everyone they love in their lives.

I wouldn’t mind the traditional version of romance but the current flaunting of sex as the focus of the day is so dirty that I have been completely turned off by it.

When Valentine’s day gets nearer, all the stupid media can talk about is making it ‘romantic’ by eating chocolate, oysters, champagn, and other aphrodisiacs. Making suggestive wink wink articles about lingerie and seduction. Why happened to innocent love????

The Hindus should take steps to not be inundated by western mtv culture. They shouldn’t be coming here either but that’s mostly our big corporations’ fault by encouraging them.

Posted by Violet at 2:02 PM on February 15

What’s so uncivilized about holding hands? Envy, rationalized, stands at the bottom of all this. Those who hate the sight of a hand-holding couple hate the fact that they have nobody in their own loveless love lives. Piety is the enabling mechanism that enables envy to masquerade as virtue. Nietzsche was far more insightful than any of these pietistic creeps.

Posted by Seeker at 3:35 PM on February 15

Perhaps they are so upset about Valentine’s Day because it promotes romantic love for women, instead of throwing gasoline on them and setting them on fire.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 4:28 PM on February 15

Nothing wrong with Far Right Indians rejecting multi-racialism and political correctness.

Posted by at 6:15 PM on February 15

Margaret, Buddhism is a religion that originated in India and is not a foreign cultural influence. Similarly Indonesians, Chinese, Persian Zoroastrians, Arabs, and Armenians never occupied India. Zoroastrians and Armenians were minority refugees while Indonesia and the whole of Southeast Asia(excluding Vietnam) has historically been under Indian cultural influence(Hinduism and Buddhism along with Indianized kingdoms in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia,etc.) and in the case of Indonesia large parts of the western Islands were even incorporated into the South Indian Chola Dynasty. The rulers of the Mughal Dynasty in India and most of the past muslim rulers were mainly Afghans and Turks or of native convert extraction. Please refrain from fabricating your own ideas and lies just to promulgate a view that is inherently false and generalized.

Posted by at 3:26 AM on February 18

Buddhism did originate in india but was completely destroyed by Hindus. It was driven out of india to neighbouring countries where it struck chord with people and hence could flourish for millenia /china, japan, thailand, sri lanka etc./.In india there are only few budhists and with a country of 1.2 bilion it can be said that budhism in india is practically nonexistent. Most probably it was destroyed because of its nature which promotes egolesness and cessation of desires which somehow did not sit well with spiritual hindus and muslims and their multitudes of gods promising heavenly rewards.

Posted by at 8:03 AM on February 19

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