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Spartan Spectator (Michigan State University), February 24, 2008

I have been the chairman of the Michigan State University Young Americans for Freedom (MSU-YAF) chapter for over a year-and-a-half, and felt that it is time to step down so that the next generation of YAFers can replace me. MSU-YAF existed during the 1960s, but died off until 2001. The group was restarted by Max McPhail, who was the media relations person for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI), which banned race-preference in Michigan. Other former YAF chairmen include Craig Burgers, Alex Hart, and Luke Pelican. The usual YAF chairman only holds the position for a year, so my year-and-one-semester reign is unique.

MSU-YAF was going to die out had I not taken the leadership role of the group at the end of my freshman year of college. Since that time, I have organized countless protests; have participated in debates on topics including embryonic stem cell research, race-preferences, and immigration; have organized speeches by Nick Griffin, chairman of the British National Party; Congressman Tom Tancredo; Chris Simcox, founder and president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (we hosted him not once but twice); “urban conservative” Akindele Akinyemi; Ryan Sorba, the author of the forthcoming book The Born Gay Hoax; Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies; and John Mangopoulos, a former congressional candidate and local conservative activist. I also organized screenings of Obsession, a movie about Islamic extremism, and Mind Your Own Business, a film about radical environmentalism. For the latter documentary, the film directors flew to Michigan State University from Romania for the event. I also organized the upcoming speech by Walid Shoebat, who is a former Islamic terrorist and now speaks out against Islam. Though MSU-YAF is not officially hosting Jared Taylor as a speaker this semester, I did see to it that he will be able to speak at a location near MSU and be hosted by another organization (the show will go on!). For all of these events, I organized them, raised the money to pay for them, and assisted with the advertisement — whether it was through posters, chalking, or through electronic medium.

I have been interviewed by Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor, quoted by Sean Hannity on The Hannity & Colmes Show, and interviewed by the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Associated Press, Washington Post, CNN, and The New York Times. My aggressiveness with defending conservatism has caused students at Central Michigan University, Western Michigan University, University of Michigan-Flint, Olivet College, and colleges in Kentucky and Indiana to start YAF chapters. Nick Griffin, who spoke at Michigan State University, was once banned from speaking at universities in England. Because of our example of hosting him as a speaker, students at Oxford recently hosted him. Just last weekend, I received an email from a student who attends the University of Colorado who is interested in starting a YAF chapter. The influence that I as an individual had on political discourse while involved in YAF is immeasurable.

The Lansing State Journal has said of me that I am “the single-most reviled student at Michigan State University,” that I am a “die-hard conservative,” and am “the most vocal voice in East Lansing on issues like illegal immigration, English-only government and affirmative action.” The Detroit Wonk has said of me that I am “the most hated/prominent young right-winger on MSU’s campus.” The Michigan Conservative Dossier listed me as the top college conservative activist in the state of Michigan. I was recognized by the Phillips Foundation as one of the nation’s top conservative activists.

The extremely left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) decided to put my YAF chapter on their annually released “hate group” list. My critics at the SPLC have said of me that I am “incredibly anti-gay. And [am] terribly insensitive to immigration . . .” I do not know why they mentioned those two things, but they could also have said that I am terribly insensitive to abortion, race-preferences, socialism, supranational government, and Islamic extremism as well.

The experiences I have had as the chairman of MSU-YAF will stay with me for a lifetime. The incident where I raised a “Dump Debbie” placard as Senator Debbie Stabenow tried to deliver a speech at the MSU Student Union about environmental policy, being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly via satellite in the TV studio in Lansing, the time when MSU-YAF members drove to Kentucky to meet members of Kentucky-YAF at a gun show, the arrest of Jose Villagran at our first Chris Simcox speech, the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative victory party in which Jennifer Gratz thanked MSU-YAF in her victory speech for our work in ending race-preferences in Michigan, harassing the ACLU at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) every year for the last three years, and the attempted interrogation of me by MSU police at the police station are the more memorable moments that I have had as the leader of MSU-YAF.

Matt Ogonowski and Eric Thieleman will replace me as the leader of YAF — they will both serve as YAF co-chairmen. Over the course of the last month I have trained them how to run the organization, how to organize events, how to fundraise, how to deal with the media, and how to deal with the bureaucracy of the leftist regime that is referred to as the “MSU administration.” Eric Thieleman — from start to finish — organized the upcoming Cal Zandstrow speech that will take place on March 28th.

I have no regrets as to what I did, said, or planned to do while serving as the chairman of MSU-YAF. I am very proud of my exploits.

While I was driving back to Michigan State University from home today, I saw a solitary Bald Eagle flying above the expressway. It was flying in the same direction that I was driving. The eagle is a symbol of the freedom of my country that I hope to preserve for future generations of Americans. I find it fitting to pass the torch of freedom that I have carried for the last year-and-a-half on to the next generation of YAF leaders on the same day that I saw the eagle flying.

Western culture has not yielded any territory at Michigan State University since I served as the chairman of MSU-YAF. Neither will territory be yielded under the leadership of Matt Ogonowski and Eric Thieleman. They — like all people who advocate conservative politics, promote freedom, and defend Western civilization — will have my full support in all of their future endeavors.

In Freedom,
Kyle Bristow

Original article

(Posted on February 25, 2008)

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Thanks for fighting for us, Kyle.

Posted by at 6:47 PM on February 25

Some guys get to have all the fun!! Hopefully this young man will enter into politics!

Posted by Kellie at 7:01 PM on February 25

Bravo, Kyle. Good job.

We’re proud of you.

Posted by Robert Kelly at 7:26 PM on February 25

The extremely left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) decided to put my YAF chapter on their annually released “hate group” list.

That is really despicable that the SPLC would attempt to smear a student group of all things, calling it a “hate group.” Just disgusting. Mr. Kyle Bristow is a young person just starting out in life and for a bunch of old men to already try to label and smear and, dare I say it? “ruin him utterly,” is beyond contemptible.

Posted by Tim in Indiana at 7:29 PM on February 25

Good job, Kyle. Our enemies hate us because of the color of our skin. They are taught to despise white people and to blame us for every problem experienced by blacks.

While we should not stoop to their level of racism, we must always fight back hard and make sure everybody knows who the real racists are. inviting Jared Taylor to your school is a great way to fight the power.

Keep afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.

Posted by Bernie at 7:32 PM on February 25

Keep on thinking free, young man.

A sad state of affairs — when a true patriot is the most reviled student on campus.

Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; equal men are not free!

Posted by Garvin Alfred Schmaltz at 7:51 PM on February 25

Kyle Bristow is a real her for standing up to the pc thought police imbeciles on his campus.Maybe some young people will finally get the idea that to be a real rebel means to question the leftist idiot orthodoxy so prevalent on campus today.

Posted by Charles at 8:29 PM on February 25

Mr. Bristow,

You are truly to be congratulated, if you have raised the “antennae” of the Marxist humanoids at the SPLC. And you are quite right to mock them for excluding some of the other areas, where you have demonstrated what they would describe as lacking in “sensitivity” or “tolerance.” They do tend to be jejune and slipshod in their mischaracterizations of anyone with a brain, so pointing out why they would only get at best a C- for their “biographic” sketch of you were it an undergraduate project in a history or political science course, demonstrates a insightful panache that serves you well.

You seem to enjoy political activity and expressing rational thought, irregardless of how it distresses the hypocritically “enlightened” in this age of compulsory multicultural madness. With a bit of luck, since you clearly do not lack for ambition or courage, you will go far in whatever new endeavors you embark upon!

Sincere best wishes to you on that score Mr. Bristow,

John PM!

Posted by John PM at 8:41 PM on February 25

The SPLC does a “hatchet job” on Kyle at their website.

Posted by Howard in Las Vegas at 8:42 PM on February 25

Hooray for this brave young man standing up against the real fascists who would take our freedoms away!

Posted by at 9:08 PM on February 25

Not only an excellent article, but this energetic young man makes me ashamed of how little I do for our causes.

To my thinking, this college student already has more — and more admirable — accomplishments to his credit than a certain B. Hussein Obama. Kyle Bristow, you’ll make a fine President some day!

Seriously dude, once you’re through school, run for office — ANY some kind of office. Work your way up — if possible, ALL the way up. We NEED guys like you — “In the name of our people”!

Posted by The Incredible Shrinking White Man at 10:01 PM on February 25

I am not a Conservative, and certainly no man of the Left.

But I am definitely grateful for people like Kyle. In part because I know that someone like Kyle would welcome an open debate provided those participating were respectful, considerate and had something to say, and could say it well.

The West is great exactly because it encourages growth through awareness, namely self-awareness. And that obviously includes a certain amount of criticism, since obviously no one group or person is perfect.

Without an open dialogue we close up inside, so to speak, until there’s nothing left. That is where Political Correctness is leading us. To a place that is spiritually and intellectually shallow and bankrupt.

Psychologists talk about people who live out of ego-defenses that are there to protect them from some unpleasant reality they’re running from. A reality that, if faced, would require them to do what they fear most, change.

This describes all of us to a certain degree, but it definitely describes the Left. In fact, they’ve taken thier ego-defenses and turned it into a Political Philosphy, if that’s what you want to call it.

Individually, there is nothing Intellectually or Morally superior about them. Hence the reason they look so silly. Not only because they try to pass themselves off as Morally and Intellectually superior, in spite of the fact that they obviously aren’t. But because they are so self-engrossed that they don’t even notice how silly they look.
In fact, they look so silly, so stupid, I almost - ALMOST - feel sorry for them. There’s not one power of example among them. Not one.
And though they may walk the talk, their talk is so superficial, so sanctimonious, so devoid of anything profound or sympathetic, that it would be better if we let them walk their talk off the edge of a cliff if we were sure they weren’t going to take the rest of us with them. But no one is sure of that, so we have no choice but to make our presence, and our objections, known to them.

For this reason, we can be examples by showing them and anyone else, that, though there’s plenty of room for disagreement and debate amongst ourselves, we are all united - against them. And like any union, ours is ocassionaly centered around various figures who help bring attention to our cause, without necessarily bringing attention to themselves, at least beyond a reasonable point. And that cause is the preservation of our basic human freedoms. For this, people like Kyle* serve as admirable examples. As does AR’s own Mr. Taylor.

*my humble suggestion is that Kyle cease all horn blowing now, before it becomes a habit (“The influence that I as an individual had on political discourse while involved in YAF is immeasurable”). Kyle’s young and has time to learn that in the end, all of the achievements of mankind, let alone individual figures, are very measurable indeed. For this reason it might be wise to put his priniciples before his personality; and to begin this practice as soon as possible.

Posted by Dedalus at 10:02 PM on February 25

Sue in Saginaw, MI — We need a million more patriots like yourself.

Posted by Sue at 10:27 PM on February 25

God bless these fine young men.

Posted by at 10:30 PM on February 25

This young man has a distinct courage and conviction lacking in many of his Obamaniac iClone peers.

It took a lot of guts to do what he did, and for as long as he did it, too.

Posted by ZKR at 12:06 AM on February 26

Kyle does get a little help from his friends.

Kyle has been a stronghold against the left.

Although he has done much he has just put his foot in the water.
If he continues, which I assure you he will, the left will go at him with all they have.

Keep it Kyle!!! And fo rhte rest of you I hope Mr. Bristow is an inspiration to do something, not just a “feel good” inspirtion.

Posted by Man behind the scenes... at 12:40 AM on February 26

This man is a hero for not backing down. (ala watson)

Posted by Diamed at 8:00 AM on February 26

That article was on the front-page, below the center-fold, of the Lansing State Journal.

Posted by Paleocon Student at 10:24 AM on February 26

BRAVO!…WELL-DONE! it’s time for the REST OF US to follow suit!

Posted by Suzan Donoghue at 10:27 AM on February 26

Mr. Bristow’s experiences are just more proof of the communist nature of the University System in the U.S.

Posted by Bobby at 2:10 PM on February 26

God bless this man! May we all be more like him.

Posted by Seamus at 4:33 PM on February 26

Kyle Bristow thanks for your service and best to you in the future.The Republic needs you.

Posted by Forrest at 1:01 AM on February 27

Three things to ponder:

1) will he get a job after he graduates- if the Liberal Left Loonies will LET him graduate? And no, I’m not talking in politics - I mean, a ReAL job.

2) What about his parents, who either allowed or encouraged him to form his opinions in the crucible of hate-filled Leftist Academia?
They are truly members of the “Greatest Generation”

3) Was he homeschooled? IF yes, that would explain a lot. If no, was the P.S. he went to, a ‘haven of diversity’? IF yes, that would explain a lot.

IT would bode well for the revolution to watch how the ‘powers that be’ treat such a boy, as he becomes a man.

Posted by AlmostMusicPhD at 9:53 AM on February 27

We ought to run the SPLC out of the country.

Posted by at 7:34 PM on March 2

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