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‘Super’ Latino Slams Clinton

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Maggie Haberman, New York Post, February 12, 2008

A prominent member of the national Democratic Party has circulated a sharp e-mail saying the removal of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle was disloyal to Hispanics and should give “pause” to superdelegates and voters.

The e-mail from, Steven Ybarra, a California superdelegate who heads the voting-rights committee of the DNC Hispanic Caucus, was sent to fellow caucus members in the hours after word broke that Solis Doyle — the most prominent Latina in Clinton’s campaign — would be replaced by another close Clinton loyalist, Maggie Williams, who is black.

The e-mail noted that Clinton, who is looking to Latino voters for a boost in the Texas and Ohio primaries on March 4, scored heavily with Hispanics in her California win.


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(Posted on February 13, 2008)

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Hispanics are thought to be HRC’s firewall vs Obama, but Hispanic voters in MD/VA last night favored him over her by a 55-45 margin.

If this holds in states like TX, it’s game over — Obama has won. However, MD/VA are East Coast states, and East Coast “Hispanics” tend to be Afro-Carribean and Mulatto-Carribean, and those “Hispanics,” being mostly black or black-ish, probably voted Obama because they’re voting their race. If HRC wins Hispanics in TX, this will show that the Chicano/Mestizos preferred her because of their street fear of blacks.

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 6:18 PM on February 13

Darn, disloyal to hispanics? Why I never!

Posted by at 6:29 PM on February 13

Yes Hillary Whites are the only people who care about race.Blacks and latinos are color blind.Yes the fact is the only way that Obama could win is from the white vote.So you should be happy to lose to Barack Obama.It will redeem the evil white racist.Obama being a typical paranoid non-white will replace every Clinton and Bush apointee with a black person.

Posted by Tony Soprano. at 7:08 PM on February 13

What a pathetic whiner. Should Clinton remain loyal to an under performing employee solely because of her race? That would be rather ‘racist’, not to mention a bad executive decision. Had Patti been a white employee, would there be any concern? I think not. Marginal employees get pink slips every day, Steven. Welcome to the real world.

Posted by Edward at 7:12 PM on February 13

I knew the racist malcontent was from California. They feel so empowered here it’s sickening. “…she was disloyal to Hispanics…” etc.

And there are people, probably millions who claim this sight, where discussion possibly gets a little overheated at times, is dangereous because it speaks of race. As I’ve often said, the most clueless liberals of all, are white liberals.

Posted by Bobby at 8:01 PM on February 13

This is TRULY FUNNY! Imagine being a Mexican. You can’t vote for Lying Hillary — she is “disloyal” to the criminal illegal Mexican population. You can’t vote for Obama — the Blacks, justifiably resent the criminal illegal Mexicans for crowding so many Afro-Americans out of the lower level job market. Which does not even factor in the natural friction between blacks and Mexicans. Hand me that bottle of tequila. I need a drink!

Posted by Fed Up at 8:46 PM on February 13

Oh, you stupid white people. Blacks and Mexicans hate us whites.

Posted by LOGIC at 8:48 PM on February 13

It does my heart good to see that the democrats are alienating hispanic criminal fugitive aliens as well as blacks and leftists. Clinton WILL win the nomination. But, in the process, she will shatter the unity of the democratic party as the various factions separate into hostile camps based on identity politics. The democrats will lose this elections cycle and lose big. Likely, those elements will be permanently be alienated from the party and effectively marginalized.

Clinton will be tasked with rebuilding the party. There is only one effective power base for her to tap…white people who are fed up by blacks and immigrants exploiting them economically and victimizing them criminally. Having lost their voice in the republican party, they are desperately looking for an alternative. Forming a third party would be completely ineffective. But finding a new home in the democratic party has….potential. If Clinton wants to be president one day, she should have a long, honest, confidential consultation with David Duke. There is a large untapped source of people who don’t vote in this country because none of the candidates represents them even remotely. This group is larger than either of the groups that traditionally votes democrat or republican

Posted by at 9:32 PM on February 13

Hispanics are the only demographic group, other than aging white ladies like herself, that she showed any strength with. Is this Ybarra-kiri?

She’s been disloyal to whites for decades. I swear, we’re about to get a black president simply because — his radical background notwithstanding — he hates white people less than does his Democratic, or eventual Republican, opponent.

Posted by Reg at 10:07 PM on February 13

Why no one has the cajones to point out that demagogues like this in the story are unequivocal racists, and that the type of racism he is engaging in occurs all the time among both mestizos and blacks, and it is really frustrating to see such racist attitudes go unchallenged.

But I’ve got to love seeing racism charges levelled against old Hill and Bill, two bastions of political correctness favoring non-whites from way back when. They have literally built their base by catering to non-whites. To have non-whites beat them out in the final analysis is true justice. And it’s especially delightful to see a black beating her out of running for the presidency, because it’s so obvious that she would literally kill to become the first woman president. It’s something she’s fanatically obsessed with, as are all the other radical feminists.

It’s like watching a gang of blacks beating up on a radical liberal that promoted them for years with lies and distortions. The satisfaction factor is pretty high and if our boy Obama pulls it off it will only get more entertaining.

My one great wish is that both sides have a nasty racial knock down, drag out and the nomination is forced to be decided at the convention with racial slurs hurled in abundance.

Posted by Ranger at 10:42 PM on February 13

Just the kind of race neutral environment Hillary has spent 35-years fermenting. Everything depends on experience.

Posted by at 10:48 PM on February 13

There is ONE GOOD THING coming out of this mess. Whether Lying Hillary OR Phony Obama get to run for Prez — the Democrats will go down in flames. Granted McCain is no better, but at least enough people would take him in preference to either of those Democratic front-running phonies.

Of course, should that “dream ticket” the media hacks slaver over — a Hillary/Obama ticket — come to pass, we can shoot down both of these with ONE VOTE! A truth that never occurred to the talking heads and media hacks! But those types of overpaid people NEVER have to live elbow-to-elbow with — dare I say it: illegal Mexicans or African political refugees.

To those misguided individuals who would WELCOME another half-million or more “African refugees fleeing persecution”, Obama is your obvious choice. Those of us who would prefer not to have a few thousand more potential criminals and perpetual welfare parasites dumped into OUR communities, vote AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS! Your choice, friends!

In case you are not sure what having a community of ignorant-as-dirt African refugees dumped into in YOUR community would be like; try talking to some of the good folks in Maine; in other states “blessed” with Somalis and Burrundis have been resettled. Take my word for it, what you’ll hear from their White neighbors should be a real eye-opener for you. Europeans can also explain quite eloquently WHAT African immigrants tend to be like.

Posted by Fed Up at 8:46 AM on February 14

“Party has circulated a sharp e-mail saying the removal of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle “

Oh yes!

Let’s watch the whole ‘rainbow coaltion’ implode, please God!

For when you put your idols in the place of God, He is not mocked.

Posted by Fr. John at 10:32 AM on February 14

Racial politics is backfiring in the Democratic party.

Their good little ‘boys’ aren’t behaving.

Unfortunately, the result is we are going to get yet another globalist in McCain who will further the destruction of this country for the benefit of the global banking system.

Posted by at 10:35 AM on February 14

Doesn’t take a genius to see why she won’t be getting elected. Tick off the Latino portion (legal and not) in the US and you have just kicked one major hornet’s nest.

Now if only the other Dem. choice wasn’t a black man with his head in the clouds…

Posted by Dark-Star at 11:39 AM on February 14

Oh Ron Paul…if only EVERYONE WOULD WRITE IN YOUR NAME ON ELECTION DAY…WHAT A BLESSING THAT WOULD BE….if all of Amren would spread the message…and Mr Paul could win….we might have a fighting chance to save our country and ourselves!!

Posted by lydia at 1:56 PM on February 14

Doesn’t sound like a good strategic move to me. I thought she was brighter than that. Blacks are going to vote for Obama whether she’s got a “sista” working for her or not. If she was counting on the hispanic vote to push her ahead, she just blew it.

Posted by at 4:36 PM on February 14

To St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister,

Hispanic/chicanos do not fear blacks but hate them. Hispanic/chicanos are much more aboriginal and have far more tetosterone than do girly whites who run and hide. I’ve stated many times on this blog that I support the hispanic/chicanos in their fight against black oppression and crime against them. Whites let the blacks and their Bolshevik white masters oppress middle class whites. Hispanic / chicanos will fight the black man to the death. I’ve seen it and am proud of them for it.

Posted by Elrey Jones at 6:17 PM on February 14

I think white liberals are just starting to wake up to the fact that most blacks will choose a “brutha” or “sista” over them, despite how much they kiss pander to them.

Posted by at 6:46 PM on February 14

This fellow shouldn’t be angry. The Clintons aren’t even loyal to each other: only money and power.

Vince Foster was their friend, and the only people who did not regard his badly-staged “suicide” suspicious were the Washington DC Park Police, the area law-enforcement body least capable of investigating a murder.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 4:45 PM on February 15

Maggie Williams has been with Hilary for at least 25 years. Solis Doyle has not been around very long. And Ms Doyle has presided over Hilary’s stream of defeats by Obama.

Whatever Williams did all those years, she did something right.

Posted by at 6:16 PM on February 15

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