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Tension Still Simmers in Springvale Melting Pot, Study Says

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Demi Cooke, The Age (Melbourne), February 6, 2008

IT IS one of Melbourne’s most multicultural areas and the streets of Springvale are a testament to the waves of migrants who have flowed there over the decades.

Vietnamese community leader Phong Nguyen remembers Springvale as a suburb that was home mainly to Greeks and Italians when Vietnamese migrants began to arrive in significant numbers during the 1970s and 1980s.

Today, Vietnamese-born residents are the largest ethnic group in the area and make up more than 21% of the population.

But research shows that the negative attitude to immigration prevalent among Australian-born residents during the 1990s still lingers in the area today.

A Monash University study tracking the change in attitude among residents of Springvale and surrounding suburbs over 14 years shows that, in 1993, 62% of the Australian-born population in nearby Dingley Village believed the number of migrants to Australia was too high.

By 2006, that belief had shrunk but not disappeared — 48% still thought too many migrants had been allowed to settle.

Researchers Andrew Markus and Arunachalam Dharmalingam surveyed 1169 people living in Springvale, Dingley Village, Keysborough and surrounds.

Professor Markus said it was still clear that there was a “gap of understanding” between those born in Australian and those born overseas. “The striking thing is the level of misunderstanding across cultures and the fact that, while there’s been a softening there hasn’t been a sea change,” he said.

For My Hue Nguyen, Springvale is home. Born in Vietnam, she spent years living in Sydney before settling in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs 20 years ago.

She loves life in the cultural melting pot and has many Australian-born friends and colleagues.

“My Australian friends, they really like me for who I am,” she said. “They love Vietnamese food, they love the interaction that I have with them, so I don’t see any difference between us.”

The survey found that although Dingley Village residents increasingly believed that “Asian migrants have much to offer Australia”, 38% in 2006 were unhappy about the number of migrants living in Springvale or thought immigration “should not be allowed”.

Nearly 32% of Australian-born people thought Australians were justified in thinking their way of life would be threatened by multiculturalism, whereas only 13% of those born in Vietnam agreed and more than 55% disagreed.

There was also a view that Asian migrants had made little effort to mix with Australians.

This was disputed by Vietnamese community leader Phong Nguyen, who said that through the hard work of the second generation, the broader community’s suspicion of Springvale’s residents had been quelled.

“Today we can go to any shopping centre in Springvale and we see more Aussies than Vietnamese at lunch time, so come on, that fear isn’t there any more,” he said.

Professor Markus said Dingley Village and Springvale were not isolated examples of where diversity had bred tension. He said the report’s findings showed the need for governments to fund more and better support programs to foster “acceptance and participation”.

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(Posted on February 7, 2008)

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The multicultists always preach their ideology, that your life will be better because of diversity and multiculturalism, but they never bother to tell you how or why. Scariest of all, they operate on the premise that it’s all inevitable, that you must accept it but, again, they never explain why. If I lived my whole life and was never exposed to “multiculturalism/diversity” how would my life be any less than it would be otherwise? I would have still been a parent, married, went to school, had a job, friends, took vacations, went to the movies, ate out at restaurants, drove a car, got in arguments…everything. The only difference would be, that I wouldn’t have to listen to someone from another country yammering away in a foreign language while I did those things. I wouldn’t have to listen to someone demanding the right to my country and my heritage. I wouldn’t have to listen to someone demanding that I change my way of life to suit them. Gee, I already came up with three good reasons against it, can they at least come up with one?

Posted by idareya at 6:09 PM on February 7

“One-third of Australians think multiculturalism threatens way of life.”

Sounds like the Aussie citizenry are brainwashed as much as US citizens. It’s frightening really that 2/3rd’s of the public is so far out-of-touch they don’t realize the danger in their midst.

Posted by sst at 7:39 PM on February 7

“in 1993, 62% of the Australian-born population in nearby Dingley Village believed the number of migrants to Australia was too high. By 2006, that belief had shrunk but not disappeared — 48% still thought too many migrants had been allowed to settle.”

We’re not supposed to notice that, 13 years after the first poll, the 12% increase is exactly the same percent increase as the number of Australian-born, Vietnamese, now eligible to take the poll? Who believes anything these people make up for the papers?

What’s amazing is everywhere around the globe liberals pose as outsiders uncovering ‘hidden truths’. Then, they seem to go on to run newspapers.

Posted by Dr. Smith at 7:59 PM on February 7

Total population of Vietnam: 85 million

Total population of Australia: 20 million

Australia is a small country, dwarfed in size by its much bigger neighbor, Vietnam. The small colony in Melbourne (New Vietnam) will grow, if discriminatory immigration policies aren’t enacted to contain it.

A Vietnamese community is a cancer on Australia.

Posted by at 8:49 PM on February 7

The concern is not Vietnamese, who are intelligent contributing good hard working compatible law abiding patriotic citizens, overwhelmingly. Blacks (from sub-Sahara Africa etc.) are the ONLY concern. Once you get a load of them, all these other distractians seem quaint indeed.

Posted by at 9:07 PM on February 7

No matter how peaceful they are, Vietnamese will still constitute a long-term and serious threat to the Anglo-Saxon way of life in Australia.

Posted by at 10:36 PM on February 7

Whites who are content to become a minority in their own lands should be enslaved. They are simply unfit to live as free citizens. Universal suffrage has run its course, and it’s time to resurrect aristocracy. All property and political rights should be reserved for those who will fight the invader. Let the squirming masses serve White masters instead of foreigners. Instead allowing these invertebrates to hand their daughters over to be defiled by other races, let the girls be put to better use as breeding stock for those White men whose genetic traits are worth spreading around. We are shocked to read of the contempt that knights and barons had for the peasants, but maybe the old fighting nobility knew something that our democratic sensibilities have obscured.

Posted by Schoolteacher at 1:14 AM on February 8

“The multicultists always preach their ideology, that your life will be better because of diversity and multiculturalism, but they never bother to tell you how or why..”

And this is Achilles heel of the multy-culty hegemon.

Rather attempting to persuade the enemy by mounting a counter argument and carefully presenting the empirical evidence of diversity’s malignant effects, I take the easy route.

You may want to try it yourself:

The next time one of these loathesome toad spews culture-smog about diversity being a stength, try to keep an open mind (a courtesy that will, no doubt, go unrequited).

I try to respond as simply and truthfully as possible:

I, too, have heard this claim. I also understand that there are many people find it “valuable”. But, to be honest, it is unclear to me how that value is measured.

Specifically, how do you define and measure “diversity”?
What are the objective and measurable outcomes can we expect “diversity” to affect? How reliable and consistent are those effects?
On a personal level, what aspects of my life can I expect to benefit from “diversity”? Are those benefits exclusive to “diversity”?
Taking into consideration the finite nature of labor and capital, how large a share of nation’s resources should be devoted to promoting “diversity”.

And then I give them the floor. I know this sounds petty, but it sure is interesting to observe their initial frustration morph into impotent rage as they fumble to explain why anyone would think “diversity” is valuable - let alone something that should be actively encouraged.

Posted by Statistician at 10:50 AM on February 8

If multicuralism were a natural state no nation on earth would have a distinctive common culture and a common language. Multicuralism more or less defines third-world countries since they are nothing but a compilation of incompatible tribes forced to live within the borders of one country. Iraq and Afghanistan are classic examples of the failure of multicuralism, because warring tribal factions will never elect to live in peace and share a common border while not sharing a common culture…

Posted by at 2:06 PM on February 8

I don’t trust surveys when it comes to issues like immigration.

People are often reluctant to say what they really think or may be in favor of immigration only in theory.

Posted by Dennis at 3:43 PM on February 8

Those are excellent questions, Statistician. You forgot one- where has “diversity” been successful before, and how?

I’ve tried to query people as you suggested, and I’ve gotten the same reaction.

Posted by Boudreaux at 4:52 PM on February 8

`The concern is not Vietnamese, who are intelligent contributing good hard working compatible law abiding patriotic citizens, overwhelmingly. Blacks (from sub-Sahara Africa etc.) are the ONLY concern. Once you get a load of them, all these other distractians seem quaint indeed.`

Posted by at 9:07 PM on February 7

As someone who is a keen observer of the racial situation here in Melbourne I would have to say this comment is not too far off
the mark.There are a few Vietnamese who are troublemakers
and drugdealers but most are OK and often work and study much harder than Aussies.
However recent arrived Sudanese migrants in nearby Noble Park have
caused so much trouble in terms of street crime and theft
that it was one of the reasons that led to an unprecedented temporary restriction on Sudanese immigration due to `assimilation problems`
Several years ago I discussed racial issues with a policeman
neighbor who was of the frank opinion that he would find
it much easier arresting a few Vietnamese drug dealers than a gang (we could talking about up to 100 or more) of black Africans
with absolute no respect or fear of the local police who have been largely driven into political correcteness(PC!) submission . A few recent attempted carjackings by Africans (almost unheard of until recently) and a small riot by other Africans complaing about police `bullying` (after throwing rocks at police cars passing by on routine patrol )gives further food for thought on this matter
Also recently in the same Springvale area a disturbed African immigrant recently bit the face of a policewoman when she attempted to calm him down….heard that she was anxiously waiting for test results to see she hadnt caught a nasty virus from the `dark continent.As for the face biter he is being `counselled”,presumably before being unmuzzeled and unleashed back into community…God help us!

Posted by John at 1:26 AM on February 9

The Vietmanese will be a huge problem for the very reasons
mentioned: they are smart and work harder than Whites on the av-
erage. Wait until there are a few more of them and watch them
begin to discriminate in favor of their own people. They aren’t
Australian; they’re not White-these are the reasons to keep them
out. The fact that they are very competent just increases the
danger. Blacks are a danger in the opposite way: laziness, low
IQ, and violence.

Posted by Freyr at 11:18 PM on February 9

Culture, lots of diverse cultures. This is what wars have been about over the millenia. Not religion, not land living space or whatever. Its culture. If there was a global culture no one group would have traditions or beliefs to spread or to prevent from incursion. Wouldn’t need to take over other countries as we’d all be just the same.
Is this what the Marxist’s One World Socialist Utopia is about?
One world, one culture, one politico-religion? Probably something like it. The trouble is that we are humans, not a bunch of weeds that happily spread wherever they like and other weeds don’t raise hell about it. We like what we have or we don’t, and if we don’t then we can move to where we are happiest. The problem with Marxists and their ilk seems to be that they can only find happiness when they can fulfill a psychological need i.e. forcing and manipulating people to accept their version of human happiness.
Poor Australia, going down the tubes like the rest of us. Will we fight back before we’re overwhelmed? I don’t know, I feel a little more optimistic now that the media (the respectable media!) is finally coming around to our way of thinking.

Posted by Arcadian at 4:45 PM on February 11

The issue isn’t the Vietnamese in Australia already. It’s more coming in that we’re all worried about. Nobody likes it. And to say this is ‘anti-immigrant’ is a misnomer. It’s ‘anti-immigraTION’. As in, the ones here now are welcome to stay. But we don’t want any more. Or at least, a number that’s below replacement level. I’ve seen TV shows where they go out on the street, and the faces are 80% Asian. It’s unbelievable. Our country should not look like this. I have Asian friends and enjoy their food and culture, but that should be where it ends - a diversion, a hobby, a break from the day-to-day. It shouldn’t BE the day-to-day.

Posted by BT at 5:41 AM on February 14

As always those that believe that asians are not a problem to Australia are the same people that are afraid of blacks = americans… I live in Sydney and asians are the most annoying people in the world and they will simply not help a white person if they saw him or her dying on a train, period.

They only think about money and they are full of envy against whites.

Posted by at 12:48 AM on February 16

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