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Vote Trend Running Against Prop. 93 (Term Limits) and in Favor of Props. 94-97 (Indian Gaming).

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Mark Dicamillo and Mervin Field, San Francisco Sentinel, February 4, 2008

Up until last week, most of the heavy political campaign messages appearing on TV in California have dealt with not the presidential election but the controversial ballot measures, Prop. 93 (Term Limits) and Props. 94-97 (Indian Gaming), that will also appear on tomorrow’s election ballot. These extensive advertising efforts have resulted in high voter awareness of the propositions, with about four out of five likely voters now professing to know something about each measure.

The latest Field Poll finds that as voter awareness has increased over the past two months opinions have changed. Voters are becoming increasingly negative about Prop. 93, the term limits reform initiative, while at the same time they have become more positive about Props. 94-97, the Indian gaming referendums.

In a survey completed in the closing days of the election campaign, 46% of likely voters now say they will be voting No on Prop. 93, while just 33% are intending to vote Yes. Another 21% are undecided about the term limits reform initiative. Last December Prop. 93 was leading by 50% to 32%, while a mid-January Field Poll found voters dividing evenly 39% Yes and 39% No.


Prop. 93 sub-group differences

By large margins, Republicans and non-partisans are increasingly lining up against Prop. 93. Opposition to Prop. 93 among Republican voters is now running two and one-half to one (56% No and 27% Yes). Non-partisans are also opposed but by a narrower 42% to 32% margin. Democrats are now about evenly divided, 37% Yes and 39% No.

The No side is leading in all the major population areas in the state, among both men and women, and among voters in all age categories.

Voters who describe themselves as strongly conservative are opposed two to one (57% to 28%). Moderate conservatives and moderates are also opposed, but by narrower twelve- to fifteen-point margins. Voters who describe themselves as strongly liberal are backing Prop. 93 by a 46% to 34% margin, although those who say they are moderately liberal are opposed 43% to 36%.

Voters who have already sent in their ballots or intend to vote by mail are opposing Prop. 93 by a wide 51% to 32% margin. Those intending to vote at their voting precincts on Election Day are also on the No side, but by a smaller 42% to 33% margin.



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(Posted on February 4, 2008)

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This California registered voter will go to the polling place tomorrow, Tuesday Feb. 5th to vote ‘NO’ on all propositions. As for the candidates, the pox, the French pox on the lot.


Posted by edl at 6:40 PM on February 4

“Hispanic legislators don’t want to have to get real jobs”

Niether does Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd.

Posted by tan is grand at 8:27 PM on February 4

It’s nothing more or less than a racist appeal to Hispanics, and they’re not even very clever about covering it under some kind of double talk.

You’re Hispanic; we’re Hispanic. Since so many of US got in don’t you want to keep us there since we are your tribal brothers and sisters?

Posted by Ranger at 8:46 PM on February 4

Ranger, that’s what it’s all about in California now. The appeal to La Raza.(the race) Fabian Nunez said that the “immigrant community” isn’t going to allow “rednecks” to make laws against them. Gloria Molina L.A. County Supervisor said that, “I can tell you people are mad and want to pay “THEM” back.” Hollywood actor Edward James Olmos, ” We are going to control this country.” One would think Nunez use of the word rednecks would be enough to get him in serious trouble if the same standards were applied to him as are to whites. But no, not a peep from any of the usual suspects.

Posted by Bobby at 1:41 AM on February 5

Whatever the call themselves, maybe, ‘The Hispanic Leadership Coalition Task Force for Diversity, Justice and Urban Equality’… This leadership coalition… who have made tremendous strides by way of, “many years, many sacrifices, many prayers”… they are now pleading for the passage of Prop 93, term limits in California? Pleading… for term limits. This is too funny. Perhaps if they pray hard enough whites will just all drop dead.

Posted by Mr Pibb at 10:21 AM on February 5

A LOT of people said they have voted EARLY and vote NO on the propositions. For MORE on why your readers should vote NO on 94-97 come visit my blog:

Posted by Original Pechanga at 3:31 PM on February 5

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