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Josephine Hearn, The Politico (Arlington, Virginia), February 15, 2008


According to a Politico analysis, close to half of the 700-plus Democratic superdelegates who could end up determining the party nominee are white men.

One Obama superdelegate, a House member, had sharp criticism for the superdelegate racial and gender makeup, a reaction that reflects the sensitivities surrounding the issue.

“It’s still the old guard, the white men. They always want to control the outcome,” the superdelegate said. “But this time, they won’t be able to do it.”


The exact percentage of white males varies slightly depending on whether the penalized Michigan and Florida delegation superdelegates are counted, but the overall percentage is at least 46 percent. Overall, men of all races represent 64 percent of the party’s superdelegates.

Unlike traditional pledged delegates, superdelegates are unbound by the outcome of any primary vote or caucus. They are allowed to make their own choice for the nomination, and this year, the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are aggressively courting their support in the event that superdelegate votes are needed to determine which candidate wins the nomination.

Representing about 20 percent of all delegates to the Democratic National Convention, the superdelegate roster is composed of members of Congress, other elected officeholders and party officials.

The percentage of white male superdelegates is disproportionate to the share of white males who make up the overall Democratic electorate. According to a January 2008 national poll by Zogby International, 28 percent of Democratic voters are white men. Women account for 55 percent of Democratic voters.

But superdelegates have never reflected the diversity of the Democratic party as a whole, nor were they designed to. They represent the party insiders, a group that white men still dominate.

Among the superdelegates, including Michigan’s and Florida’s, there are 28 governors (21 white men), 49 senators (33 white men) and 228 representatives (137 white men). Members of the Democratic National Committee are also superdelegates, and among this group, there is more diversity.


Among the more than 700 superdelegates named by the Democratic National Committee, Clinton leads Obama by 231 to 140.5 (the eight members of Democrats Abroad receive a half vote.). Among white men, at least 81 were supporting Clinton and at least 63 were backing Obama. Many more remain uncommitted.


[Editor’s Note: A list of superdelegates is available here.]

Original article

(Posted on February 15, 2008)

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*“It’s still the old guard, the white men. They always want to control the outcome,” the superdelegate said. “But this time, they won’t be able to do it.”*

Meh, most of them will support Obomination either way - they know which way the “Winds of Change” are blowing…

Posted by Obscuratus at 5:57 PM on February 15

well white men are screwed on this one anyways, having to chose between a woman and a black man. I predict they will go for the woman because really I dont think there could be anything worse than a black (or half black) named Husein for president. Besides, Hillary is really more of a man than a woman shes just selling her soft and tender side to get votes. the fake tears will stop once she gets in.

Posted by at 7:41 PM on February 15

“It’s still the old guard, the white men. They always want to control the outcome,” the superdelegate said. “But this time, they won’t be able to do it.”

No matter if these white men this black racist refers to are leftist robots that advocate everything non-white, it isn’t good enough. Non-whites require a non-white face on everything, because they’re so obviously race-biased in favor of their own. Nothing can be race-neutral to them.

We’re seeing what true racism and race bias really are as the blacks and Hispanics become more numerous.

When they reach a certain level of strength, they will insist that whites leave their party altogether, except for the mentally disturbed types like Wise, and others.

These white leftist fools are in the process of destroying their own positions, but they’re not bright enough to see it.

Posted by w.r. at 7:41 PM on February 15

After listening to the gabble from one SUPERDELEGATE on NPR tonight, I can only conclude that only a COMPLETE IDIOT would vote for Obama. That the Afro-Americans are simply so dull-minded they let race trump intelligence.

Posted by Fed Up at 7:58 PM on February 15

“…close to half of the 700-plus Democratic superdelegates…are white men”

Ha! Look around you, Mr. PC Liberal “reporter”. This is and will always be a nation founded by and for whites. Who doesn’t know this? Libraries with (older) true, non-pc history books are everywhere.

Posted by Cousin Charlie from TN at 4:26 AM on February 16

Here they go again, they have found a new event to scream racism about, its worked so often, why not try it again.

Posted by abc at 5:49 AM on February 16

“Overall, men of all races represent 64 percent of the party’s superdelegates.”

And, to be blunt, there is your first and ultimate problem.

Hillary loses a black man on her team, to Obama just the other day.

Blacks vote at least 80-90% of the time for their RACE idol.

And we WHITES are the ‘evil ones,’ for wanting to find a man as President (note, I said a MAN, Hillary!) that is ‘one of us.’

What did Marchin’ Lootin’ King say about ‘the content of our character’? Hmmm.

It’s all a charade. Lies, more lies, and Damned Lies.

Posted by AlmostMusicPhD at 8:36 AM on February 16

If white males assert themselves and chose Hillery over the more popular Obama, white males will be even more vilified and you can be sure there will be calls to increase ‘diversity’ among super delegates. Whites will lose even more power, even if it’s in the Democratic party. It may be good in the longer run in that it will cause rifts with the Democrats and make it easier for Republicans to win. But Republicans are pandering to the diversity mob as well.

Posted by sbuffalonative at 8:47 AM on February 16

“Meh, most of them will support Obomination either way - they know which way the “Winds of Change” are blowing…”

Oh c’mon, the only reason some Whites are supporting Obama is because the black vote is critical for any Democratic Election. What’s unfolding before our eyes is the end of the Democratic Party. Not supporting him makes the party look like a bunch of racist hippocrites.

Posted by at 9:46 AM on February 16

What has our country come to, for Pete Sake! Our country was created by our forefathers whom shed their blood for us, and these communist intruders are actually being considered seriously for president of our America;our forefathers are being smacked in the face and their graves spat upon by even allowing this. This Obama does not represent America only Amerika, these blind minions are of all races that are voting for him,they are all leftists and some know that he is communist. He wants to change America alright. When I see the campaign gatherings on the tube, it looks like Cuba fawning over a beloved dictator. How could we allow this to happen?

Posted by at 10:42 AM on February 16

How the Democrat party attracts white male voters in the first place just absolutely escapes me. This is a party that is doing everything possible to make white males second class citizens in this country.

Posted by Proudinfidel at 11:20 AM on February 16

My family is republican. I just fairly recently reached legal voting age so I talk about political canidates all of the time with my dad. He likes Hillary. He says that she is a macho woman. He laughs sometimes when he says it. I can still tell that he kind of admires her.

He thinks that Hillary is going to stay in politics no matter what the outcome of the next presidential election so he thinks that white people need to take advantage of this. Hillary has gotten a valuable lesson about race as black people have turned on her to vote for a candidate they know nothing about other than that he is black. She can be taught another lesson that white men are her own and that black people of either gender are not.

Posted by Ginny at 11:55 AM on February 16

……just a bunch of white men again (even though they built a great nation, saved the world from tyranny, found cures for diseases, put a man on the moon, lead the world in technology, founded a once-great gov’t., charitable to a fault, etc.)….let’s, by all means, get rid of old Whitey and make way for a great “change” from a black man who has never done ANYTHING for this country.

Posted by at 6:43 PM on February 16

Renae wrote:

I told my friend that the only reason folks like Toasty Teddy Kennedy are supporting Obama is to fall all over themselves to prove they are not racist.

My theory is that he is for Obama not because he’s for Obama, but because he’s against Hillary. Or, more accurately, he’s against another Clinton becoming President. The Kennedys think of themselves as Democrat Party royalty, and should another Clinton become President, this gives the Clintons far better dynastic chops (Presidentally so) than the Kennedys.

Posted by St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister at 9:17 PM on February 16

St Louis CofCC Blogmeister,
I think many White Democratic leaders are siding with Obama because they’re backed into a corner and have no choice.

Posted by at 1:26 AM on February 17

When it was YOUR PEOPLE who created and developed something of course you are going to have the EDGE in it’s day to day operation.

Posted by pOPEYE at 8:53 AM on February 17

……just a bunch of white men again (even though they built a great nation, saved the world from tyranny, found cures for diseases, put a man on the moon, lead the world in technology, founded a once-great gov’t.

That’s a lie, you racist! Black men did all that stuff, but it was covered up by the evil racist white men who write the history books!

You racist honky!

Posted by Tyrone "Mo Money Pimp Daddy" Jackson at 11:27 AM on February 17

OBAMA (wake up fools) the man refuses to wear an American flag yet doesn’t hesitate to display flags of mass murderers. Oh yea he’s the man we need running America (sarcasm) He isn’t even worried about hiding his agenda is he?

Posted by Oppie at 12:30 PM on February 17

“It’s still the old guard, the white men. They always want to control the outcome,” the superdelegate said. “But this time, they won’t be able to do it.”

This statement reflects the slow collapse of the Democratic party pretty well. It has been the party of inclusion to the point that those who founded it are being refered to as the old guard. Someone wants a change of the guard and it’s not the party insiders.

It appears that a lot of high powered Democrats don’t practice the diversity and inclusion that they preach for everyone else.

I hope their diverse followers bog the party down until it disolves into a useless squabbling body of “guilty” Whites, Black welfareers, La Raza’s and scatterings of all the other dregs of humanity.

The non-White Democrats will eventually drive the guilty Whites to racial consciousness or to race mixing. Either way they will serve the purposes of the White Nationalist movement well.

They either become our allies or ineffective opposition.

It seems that I’m getting my wish.

Posted by True Resistance at 1:17 PM on February 17

I’m willing to bet that the superdelegates are also disproportionately Jewish, but I don’t see any handwringing over that. In fact, I get the feeling that if the white superdelegates were all Jewish it would be perfectly OK, because non-Jewish whites aren’t allowed to complain that Jews can’t adequately represent, say, a white Scotch-Irish/English Presbyterian.

Any reason to wonder why I would never consider becoming a Democrat?

“It’s still the old guard, the white men. They always want to control the outcome,” the superdelegate said. “But this time, they won’t be able to do it.”

There’s an old story about a Viking raid in medieval Scotland. When the Vikings landed they found themselves stranded on swampy ground, and at the complete mercy of the Scotsmen (who were defending their home againts invaders, after all). So the Vikings called for a “fair fight,” and the Scots proceeded to let them come onto dry ground. The Viking warriors then slughtered them mercilessly.

This would qualify them for an early Darwin Award, but the real point I’m making here is that when blacks or any other group call for “fairness” in politics they really mean only fairness for them. If the situation were reversed they sure as hell wouldn’t grant it.

Posted by Alan at 8:33 PM on February 17

The Kennedys think of themselves as Democrat Party royalty, and should another Clinton become President, this gives the Clintons far better dynastic chops (Presidentally so) than the Kennedys.

How??? The Clintons have the modern leftists dilemna when it comes to building a dynasty - they have the modern leftists disdain for motherhood. HillBilly has one kid - Chelsea. Does she look like she has any intention of plopping out 4 or 5 kids anytime soon? The only way I see that happening is by using daddy’s ill-gotten gains to hire several surrogate mothers to carry her children for her and the, of course, hiring nannies and governess’s to raise them. Not totally unlikley. Perhaps even more unlikley than not.

They don’t even have siblings, nieces or nephews to carry on the name. Bill has several bastard half-siblings, one of whom - Roger - is a barely recovered drug addict “musician.” Hillary has two brothers, one of whom is a fat slob who already ran for Congress and lost.

Posted by Alan at 11:03 PM on February 17

What will it take for whites to become old-fashioned and traditional with our racial views? Will it take something like Zimbabwe or the Mexicans taking over the Southwest. What will it take, white people???

Posted by at 8:54 AM on February 18

The “diversity” crowd is pinching themselves with glee.

If the delegates vote for Obama they are sexist.

If the delegates vote for Hillary they are racist.

Posted by Dennis at 3:13 PM on February 18

If the Super Delegates do hand the nomination to Hillary, I firmly believe that there will be trouble…real trouble. Since I live in a black majority area I have overheard several blacks comment on the situation by saying “It will never happen…Obama is the nominee”

They say this with such conviction that I think there might be real civil unrest if it happens.

Additionally, if we face a situation in which the vote is very close…such as in 2000, the blacks will accuse us of rigging the election and further unrest could ensue. Most blacks (and a lot whites for that matter) do not have the intellectual capablility to understand something like the electoral college…so if they win the popular vote but lose the election we could be in for a rough ride…

Posted by WestSider at 6:05 PM on February 18

Hi all, have you noticed on TV anyone who speaks about Obama always have a big smile and eyes all aglow even if they are Republicans. No one will attack him the way they do Hillary or any other one running. The media makes me want to barf. As a person of American Indian decent I would never vote for a Black as president or any other non-white race. The America we know was founded by White people and should only be run by White people. If that changes the the country will turn into something else that I don’t want to be apart of.
As far as Jews go all the ones I know hate Obama and they tell me the Jews in New York for the most part hate him.
We Indians don’t like him either.

Posted by JOEMIXEDBLOODINDIAN at 11:06 AM on February 19

Nothing, absolutely nothing, in modern politics has pleased me more than the Black vs. Woman presidential race. The idea that it is going to be insiders stealing the election (Hillary wins scenario) or Women being dispointed by the glass ceiling once again (Obama wins) is just too rich.

Either way so many exquisitly constructed fallicies are being demonstrated as nothing more than spun sugar. Already we’ve seen the entire notion of the ‘rainbow coalition’ destroyed. The black / brown unity idea: gone. The ideas that Blacks will ever vote for anyone in preference to another Black, dissolved. If they won’t vote for Hillary, a down the line liberal, supporter of affirmative action and the rest, who would they vote for.

Many here at AmRen have known these fantasies presented as facts for many years, but the beauty of this election is that everyone is having to realize them.

The fact that Republican Suicide Voters may be the ones to put Obama or Hillary over the top is icing on the cake!

What a great election this is turning out to be.

Posted by Zane at 12:33 PM on February 19

No man (black, white, whatever) can vote for Hillary and still call himself a man. Period.

Posted by sedonaman at 12:47 PM on February 19

These old white Dems are not supporting Hillary. They are supporting Bill’s third term. Hillary is a schill for her old reprobate husband. You get two for the price one.

Posted by Burr Hamilton at 5:11 PM on February 19

Just remember the white politicians and their families will have no place to go either.

They will be flushed down the toilet with the rest of us.

In the end nature will take care of it all.

In the end there will be no humans of any color.

Posted by at 1:08 AM on February 20

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